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What do we mean by innovation? And why is implementing it so darned hard for news organizations?

A new three-part series for CMDS exploring innovation and journalism incorporates lessons from experts around the world on this universal topic

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“I know it when I see it.” Spotting innovation — and its characteristics — in the wild.

Principle No 1: The innovation process and mindset

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Principle No 2: It’s not always sexy

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Principle No 3: You should start with the end in mind

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Implementation: Five Key Barriers to Overcome

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With that in mind, here are five of the most common factors that news and media organizations need to navigate and be cognizant of.

1. Innovation for the sake of it

2. Organizational preparedness

3. Risk aversion

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4. Resource challenges

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5. Thinking innovation is all about the tech

“Perhaps it’s time we realized that media, or journalism, is a service industry,” Patel advocates.

“If our practice or content is not solving a problem for a community, or at least addressing a real need, it’s probably time to do something else.”

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