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A Little About a Missionary in Canada

A good friend of mine.

Tony Brewer and the Cogitations podcast.
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Tony Brewer is a brother and a good friend of mine.

He and his family are currently working alongside the church in New Brunswick, Canada.

Before moving to Canada, Tony and his family lived in Northeast Arkansas.

The work in Canada

The work is challenging — but needed — as there are very few Christians in an area with 755,000 people. The congregation is in Riverview, New Brunswick.

Tony tells more about the work and how you can help on his website, Maritime Mission.

The weather in Canada

The weather in New Brunswick is frigid. In one of our recent conversations, he told me on the phone that a snow “mountain” had been piled up in a local store parking lot. He estimated it was around 50 feet high at one point.

I would call him occasionally throughout the winter, and it always seemed like it was currently snowing — or snow was already on the ground.

For a guy that enjoys the mild winters in Mississippi and Alabama — snow being on the ground all winter is…something!

Tony’s Podcast — Cogitations

Tony has been hosting a podcast called Cogitations for several years. What is Cogitations?

Cogitations is a podcast about things Christians deal with every day. There is no telling what topics you will find discussed in a Cogitations episode.

Tony dives into various topics and covers them in great detail.

I appreciate how thoroughly Tony thinks through various topics. I’ve disagreed with him on rare occasions — but then, after discussing the matter with him, I came to understand his point a little bit better.

I have a great deal of respect for someone who reaches a conclusion after much thought.

Anyone can reach a conclusion with little thought — or by following with someone else thinks. Through his podcast, Tony has challenged me to think through biblical matters.

I’m sure Tony and his family feel a little alone at times, way up in Northeast Canada.

The weather is different, the government is different, the culture is different — but the need is the same.

All people need the gospel, and I’m grateful for Christians like Tony and his family, who make sacrifices to take the gospel to places few would want to go.

I hope you will check out his podcast and website to learn more about the excellent work they are doing for the Lord.



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