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The Contrast Between Adam’s Disobedience and Jesus Christ’s Obedience

Thinking about Romans 5:19.

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Paul has been reminding the Christians in Rome what comes by the old and new Adam. With Adam and Jesus Christ serving as the representatives — Paul emphasizes there are only two options: death or life.

He continues building on that point here in Romans 5:19.

The Contrast between Disobedience and Obedience.

Whenever we study a passage of any length, it’s important to identify the main point of the passage. Doing so will help us tremendously when it comes to properly interpreting that passage.

I believe Pollard correctly identifies the contrast between “disobedience” and “obedience” as the main focal point of Romans 5:19.

Keeping the passage in the context of what Paul has been doing, we learn from Adam and Christ as representatives.

I do believe it’s important to remind us that we have free will to choose who we will serve — as Joshua reminded the children of Israel before his death.

Universal Salvation (Universalism) is Not Taught Here.

Universalism is the belief that all of humanity will eventually be saved. No one will be eternally lost.

Although the apostle Paul certainly desired all to be saved — even his own countrymen who bitterly and violently opposed him (Romans 9:1–5) — he knew that not everyone would be saved. Some would face the wrath of God at Judgment (Romans 1:32; 2 Corinthians 5:10–11).

God desires everyone to be saved, but in order to be saved, sinners must repent (2 Peter 3:9; Acts 2:38). Even Jesus taught that some would go away into “eternal” punishment (Matthew 25:46).



Centered on Christ seeks to draw attention back to Jesus Christ — the one that all of the Bible points to; the one who died, rose, and reigns.

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