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The Righteousness of God is Revealed in the Gospel of Christ

Thinking about Romans 1:17.

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How is God’s righteousness revealed in the gospel of Christ?

I don’t usually like to jump ahead in our study — but I think it’s important to do so this time so we can understand what Paul is saying in this passage.

Understanding God’s righteousness from Romans 3:21–26

Paul’s point in this passage is very similar to the point he makes in Romans 1:17.

Lord willing, we will study more of the details from this passage in Romans 3 when we come to it — but for now, observe that the righteousness of God is demonstrated in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.

The gospel of Christ is not some elaborate plot by God to undermine His law or justice. His righteousness is clearly shown in Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins (2 Corinthians 5:21).

The Righteousness of God

The meaning of righteousness includes “fair and equitable dealing, justice” (Mounce).

Also included within the meaning of righteousness is “justification” (Strong’s).

The righteousness of God is fully demonstrated in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus died on the cross to “bear our sins” so that we “might live for righteousness” (1 Peter 2:24). Jesus’ death on the cross was not God’s way of setting aside justice — His death was God’s justice.

The Holy Spirit will explain this concept more through Paul as we study Romans.

For now, we need to realize that the gospel of Christ demonstrates the righteousness of God in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. It’s what God’s righteousness required.

In studying the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will grow in our understanding of the righteousness of God.



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