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Those Who Suppress the Truth End Up Serving Their Own Desires

Thinking about Romans 1:24–25.

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When the Gentile world rejected the incorruptible God and served corruptible idols, they also began to live however they wanted.

When you make your own god, you also get to decide what your god approves and condemns.

God gave them up to uncleanness.

Once they had their own gods, it’s no surprise their idol gods would “allow” them to practice whatever their hearts desired.

They had decided to pursue such immoral things — so God “gave them up” to the moral impurity they wanted. While God did not want them to pursue such evil, and He certainly had not been the cause of their decision (James 1:13–14), He allowed them to make their own choices.

The Gentile world exchanged the truth for a lie.

This was not an accidental exchange. They had the truth and suppressed it. They knew the truth and intentionally exchanged what was true for a lie.

They preferred worshipping and exalting the creature and the created rather than the Creator.

Are we only concerned about the truth when the truth supports our point of view? Or is the truth the entire goal of our pursuit?

Paul pointed out that the Gentile world set aside truth when the truth no longer supported what they wanted to do. They preferred to accept a lie that allowed them to do whatever they pleased than listen to the truth.

The Lord God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked but desires that the wicked person turns from their evil ways (Ezekiel 33:11).

Paul is not describing how evil the Gentile world had become to make the Christians in Rome feel superior to the Gentile world. He wasn’t saying, “See how awful they are and how noble we are!”

Paul demonstrates the depths to which sin will drag a person. As he will show later in Romans, the gospel of Christ is for such a one as he has been describing in Romans 1.

He is showing the need that everyone has for the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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