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Centered on Christ

Through Jesus Christ You Receive Eternal Life

Thinking about Romans 5:17.

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Romans 5:17 concludes a parenthetical thought by Paul that runs from Romans 5:13–17.

He has discussed the role of sin and how terrible the consequences of sin — which entered the world through Adam — really are. However, Paul has shown that what comes through Christ is far superior to what entered the world through Adam.

The reign of death vs. the reign of life.

What comes through Jesus Christ is different and far superior to what comes through Adam.

The death Paul is speaking about in these passages (Romans 5:13–17) is not referring to physical life and death but spiritual life and death.

In Christ, you have eternal life. And what a blessing this is to those who have sinned and rightly deserve death (Romans 3:23; 6:23).



Centered on Christ seeks to draw attention back to Jesus Christ — the one that all of the Bible points to; the one who died, rose, and reigns.

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