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What Comes by the Old and New Adam

Thinking about Romans 5:18.

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It’s important to remember what’s happening as we are studying God’s Word. That’s why yesterday’s post helped us summarize where we’ve been so far in Romans 5.

Paul explores the enormous contrast between Adam and Jesus Christ — the old Adam and the new Adam. His point is that in Adam, all have chosen to follow his path of sin, and so we all need what is graciously offered by God through Jesus Christ — the new Adam.

There are only two options — life or death.

God’s grace freely offers eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ. But we must choose to turn away from the path of sin and turn to the only one who can justify us and reconcile us to God (Romans 5:6–10).

What is the “one righteous act” of Christ?

Paul mentions, “through one Man’s righteous act the free gift came to all men.” I believe the “one Man” here certainly refers to Jesus Christ. But what is the “one righteous act?”

I agree with McGuiggan that the “one righteous act” refers to the death of Jesus on the cross. Earlier in this chapter, Paul connected our justification to the death of Jesus.

Through Adam’s choice to sin, death entered the world as a consequence of sin (Genesis 3:19). Because all have chosen to follow Adam down the road of sin (Romans 3:23), we all need saving.

Through Jesus’ choice to die on the cross for our sins (John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 5:21), God offers the gift of eternal life to all people (Romans 1:16–17).

What a difference between what comes by the old and new Adam!

What a blessing it is that God gave His Son for us!



Centered on Christ seeks to draw attention back to Jesus Christ — the one that all of the Bible points to; the one who died, rose, and reigns.

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