In this undated photograph, Mohsin Zaheer (left) sits down with Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto for an exclusive interview at the Golzur House, in Lahore.

A local paper serves Pakistani immigrants in New Jersey — and a journalist devotes himself to his community

In small towns where immigrant-owned businesses help to drive the local economy, in-language newspapers like Urdu News play a critical role in the Pakistani and Muslim communities.

From the New Jersey harbor, Zaheer poses with the view of the Lower Manhattan in the background.

Rise of community journalism in the wake of 9/11

At a Pakistani American event, Zaheer meets with NJ Assemblywoman Sadaf Jaffer, who was a former mayor of NJ Montgomery Township. Jaffer, whose mother was born in Pakistan, is the first Muslim woman to serve as mayor in the United States.

Fall of a Pakistani newspaper

A screenshot of the print edition of Urdu News.

Birth of Urdu News

At the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, when the supply of face masks in the United States was scarce and vaccines were not available, Zaheer shows the highly sought-after mask that he found as he heads out to cover a story on Pakistani Americans who contracted the virus.

Aging: What lies ahead



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Oni Advincula

Oni is a journalist. He covers immigration, health, politics and government, and ethnic media.