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How journalists are working together to cover the COVID-19 pandemic

Collaborative journalism has the power to make a big difference during times of crisis like this

Oregon news orgs share, cross-promote stories

There’s a group of news organizations in Oregon that have worked together on multiple projects over the last several years, including on Rattled: Oregon’s Concussion Discussion and on Breaking The Silence. Now they’re working together again to cover the novel coronavirus.

First Draft plans large new global COVID-19 collaborative

First Draft is best known for coordinating collaborations worldwide to fight misinformation and disinformation, especially around elections. Now the group is pulling together all of its previous and existing collaboration partners to work on COVID-19.

Resolve Philadelphia launches digital guide to reframe COVID-19 reporting

Resolve Philadelphia is a collaborative that supports local journalists in delivering “solutions-focused, accurate, and people-first news and information.” Over the last 72 hours, the organization checked in with its 24 news partners in Philly to see what they needed and where the gaps were.

  1. Language recommendations for word choices that improve comprehension.
  2. A set of sharable, social media graphics with quick tips for framing your story.

Granite State News Collaborative postpones project launch to focus on COVID-19 coverage

Members of the Granite State News Collaborative were gathered for a remote editorial board meeting March 11 to talk about planning the rollout of the group’s latest project when they realized the ground was shifting underneath them.

  • The collaborative put together a survey to collect questions the public had about the virus in one place, then they are disseminating that info to the partners.
  • Assigned additional stories to freelancers that the partners weren’t able to do themselves.

New North Carolina collaborative mobilizes for statewide project

In North Carolina, the NC News Collaborative quickly began to share content as the COVID-19 outbreak grew in the U.S.

Public radio stations across the Midwest team up, offer shared content

Side Effects Public Media, a public radio collaboration focused on healthcare, and Indiana Public Broadcasting are working with stations across the Midwest to cover coronavirus. Its eight partner stations are in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

Local Voices Network setting up database for virtual conversations

Cortico’s Local Voices Network describes itself as a “physical-digital network designed to bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.” In practice, LVN convenes people in the places it works around a “digital hearth” for conversations that are recorded, archived and shared.

NJ New Commons and NJ College News Commons sharing stories and tips

Finally, the NJ News Commons and NJ College News Commons — the Center’s flagship networks of local and campus media orgs in New Jersey — are working together to share stories and reporting using Nordot.

Ensia shares content with The Guardian, others to come

Mary Hoff, editor in chief of Ensia, emailed to tell me that a story her team did on the connections between emerging diseases and ecosystem health was shared with The Guardian and Scientific American and likely will be picked up by others. (Here’s that story: ‘Tip of the iceberg’: is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?)

Carolina Public Press activates its Emergency News Team

Late last week, Carolina Public Press launched its Emergency News Team, which News and Community Partnerships Manager Stephanie Carson told me is “a multifaceted initiative to help ensure all North Carolinians have access to information about COVID-19 and its community impact across the state.”

Covering Climate Now adds coronavirus angle to coverage

In “The Climate Beat” newsletter this week from the collaborative Covering Climate Now initiative, the group offered four stories on connections between the new coronavirus and our changing climate for republication.

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