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We’re launching a Black Publishers Collective in New Jersey

New peer group will focus on support and sustainability for Black publishers in the Garden State

Cassandra Etienne
Center for Cooperative Media
3 min readApr 13

The Center for Cooperative Media is excited to announce the launch of the Black Publishers Collective (BPC) in partnership with members of the Garden State’s Black press and media creators.

The Black Publishers Collective is a new effort dedicated to supporting Black publishers and outlets across the state. Our mission is to foster collaboration, provide resources, and to promote the sustainability of Black-owned publications that provide news, information and a valuable service to their readerships.

This group recognizes the need for increased representation and inclusion in the world of publishing — and that Black stories, perspectives, and voices deserve to be heard and celebrated. As part of this peer group, we invite members to join us in creating a supportive community where Black publishers can connect, collaborate, and thrive.

The Center will help facilitate and provide a forum for local Black publishers to share ideas, insights, and experiences. With this announcement the Center builds on earlier steps going back to 2021 when the Center began engaging with members of the Black Press in New Jersey, in the hopes of establishing such a partnership.

These are outlets owned and produced by Black publishers and primarily serving a Black readership and communities of color throughout the state. And that year, as part of its relaunch of the New Jersey News Commons, the Center announced the creation of new peer groups, including this one, which currently exists as a listserv of 10 publishers.

This month the Center formally launches the Black Publishers Collective peer group by proposing a range of activities and services for potential members, including:

  • Collaborative projects
  • Networking events
  • Regular peer group meetings
  • Revenue collaboration
  • Research
  • Listserv + communication channels
  • Public outreach

We’ll have more updates in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, if you are interested in any of the goals or programs listed above and you (1) identify as a Black publisher or media creator, (2) are based in New Jersey, (3) are thinking of launching your own platform, and/or (4) just want to support and build community with this peer group, we want to hear from you!

Fill out this brief onboarding form and let us know about your publication goals and what you’d like to accomplish together!

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Cassandra Etienne is the assistant director for membership and programming at the Center for Cooperative Media. Contact her at

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