Introducing Feelings & Emojis Galore

Our latest update will have you feeling great. And relaxed. And hungry. And hypoglycaemic. And a bunch more!

Diabetes involves many more variables than just blood sugar, carbohydrates, and insulin. Feeling sick? Expect volatility. Feeling stressed? Same! Exhausted? Nauseous? Scared? Same, same, same! Unfortunately, keeping track of these variations in how you feel isn’t always intuitive. Because of this, many people with diabetes avoid doing so altogether, and end up losing out on a variety of insights that can help manage the disease.

Here at Center, we’re on a quest to not only make logging your data extra simple, but learning from it as well. To that end, I’m happy to announce the latest extension to our service, which allows for the tracking of over 30 different feelings that may impact your diabetes.

These new feelings fit seamlessly within Center’s existing manual logging and analysis workflow. However, this is just the first phase of a much more comprehensive roadmap:

  • As part of our push to avoid manual logging where possible, we’re hard at work on integrations with existing lifestyle apps which will allow for the seamless syncing of a variety of feelings related to stress, mindfulness, and menstruation to name a few.
  • Arguably even more interesting, the logging of feelings will play an instrumental role in the development of our virtual assistant in the very near future:
Accurately predicting hypo and hyperglycaemia ahead of time is highly dependent on context, which includes how you feel

By beginning to build out this framework around feelings we’re one step closer to making diabetes management an absolute breeze!

But wait, there’s more!

In case this latest addition isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for expressing yourself, we’ve gone ahead and added emoji support throughout Center! 🎉

Simply add your chosen emojis to the additional notes of any event and they’ll automagically appear in your dashboard and logbook. The emojis themselves can be entered in three different ways:

If using shortcodes, don’t worry about having to remember each one: simply enter a colon (:) followed by the first two letters of what you’re looking for, and Center will automatically suggest the closest matches! Neato!

Well, I think that’s enough excitement for one day.

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Next stop, integrations!

— Julian

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