CenterPrime Peg Liquidity Pools

Dec 2, 2020 · 3 min read

“Global CenterPrime backed by Multi-Hybrid Stablecoins”

Virtual assets to date have attracted a lot of attention with various issues. However, when it comes to issuing virtual assets, there are many doubts about their real value because they are unfounded. Therefore, to improve this even a little, De-Fi is using popular value-recognized virtual assets coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or USDT, which can be exchanged in a 1:1 ratio for national currencies. This also proves that virtual assets and central banking assets cannot be exchanged in practice.

However, assets such as currency issued by central banking under the control of government regulation are now digitized. A representative example is CBDC, the digital currency of China. Money has evolved in a certain cycle since the past. When money began to be used, money-based bonds (guarantees and credit loans) were created, and bills were created through bonds. In modern times, finance has also evolved into stocks and securities through bills. With the creation of digital currency, digital assets will soon evolve into digital bonds, digital stocks, and digital securities.

CenterPrime opens the CenterPrime Peg Liquidity Pools Platform that digitizes the central banking assets and proves and supports the virtual assets value.

The Peg Pool Platform connects digital assets issued by the state to the virtual assets value via ‘pegs’, and it allows them to prove and support the value. This technology is possible because the volatility and liquidity of virtual assets are based on the dollar, one of the stable assets. The United States has a more stable economic structure than other countries and is a country that issues and manages key currencies. Therefore, the dollar is valued as a stable asset.

CenterPrime’s pegs are based on these US dollar exchange rates, allowing you to assess, connect, and express the value of your assets.

Based on the U.S. dollar exchange rate, the CenterPrime peg liquidity pools utilizes open banking, a central bank FinTech network in each country, to form a space for entrusting digital assets.

The Peg Pools allows the creation of a reliable value by depositing and entrusting digital assets and virtual assets to be distributed. Besides, you can also create a new multi-hybrid stable asset by pegging multiple digital assets and one virtual assets.

A single stable coin is an asset that is pegged only by the exchange rate of one country, but the CenterPrime peg liquidity pools pegs multiple digital assets with one virtual asset to generate various revenue by utilizing the exchange rate between multiple digital assets.

Also, premium value can be recognized in each country of digital assets. Besides, this structure allows the CenterPrime Peg Pool to enables cash transactions (payment, investment, insurance, etc.) using digital and virtual assets.

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