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CenterPrime’s “Oracle Perceptron”, Supports the Aniverse NFT Oracle DeFi Construction Development

Looking at the cryptocurrency trend in 2021, you can’t miss the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) craze. NFT (Non-Fungible Token), starting with ‘CryptoKitties’ developed by a startup called Dapper Labs in 2017, has shown its influence even on celebrities such as Beeple, Grimes, and the founder of Twitter.

Additionally, on April 22, 2021, American DJ Steve Aoki, already popular in Korea announced that he will release the new NFT work and his announcement preannounced the another NFT’s craze. Steve Aoki has secured considerable fame in Korea through a remix version of BTS’s ‘MIC Drop’, and there is a lot of attention on the release of his NFT works. This year, making NFTs of famous celebrities, music, and dramas is in full swing, so it can be seen that the era of making all contents NFT has arrived.

Many companies are jumping into the development of technology to form the NFT market since the NFT is becoming a known to the general public beyond the cryptocurrency industry. In an environment where NFT tokenization of various content such as video, music, and art is continuously being happening, CenterPrime has partnered with Aniverse to build and develop Aniverse NFT software.

Aniverse showed its potential as the domestic large project by listing in the Bithumb won market followed on the Bithumb BTC market, the largest virtual asset exchange in Korea in January 2021. Aniverse is a blockchain-based IP platform that has been developing OSMU (One Source Multi Use) business based on a strong IP infrastructure and networks. Aniverse’s representative IP Larva has 9 million YouTube subscribers, recorded a cumulative 8 billion video views, and a whopping 60 billion views on Chinese video platforms. In addition, the Larva series broadcasting has been expanded in 196 countries through Netflix and various distributors.

Aniverse aims to lower the high entry barrier of the existing IP business and complement the opacity of contracts and settlements in the existing IP industry. Users will be configured the creative contents including Larva by using Aniverse’s IP source to produce and even promote and sell. In addition, it aims to build a global service that enables enterprises and individuals to freely and safely conduct IP business by utilizing Aniverse’s network of 196 countries.

CenterPrime plans to collaborate with Aniverse to build an Oracle perceptron multi-cross chain network system and create a dedicated multi-chain swap pool for Aniverse token ANV to provide ‘ANV trading services’ for users to experience more diverse network transactions.

CenterPrime is strengthening the popularity, accessibility, and security by utilizing the Oracle Perceptron protocol. CenterPrime hereby accelerate the full-scale Dapp development by giving the user-friendly attribute to the ANV token that had strong developer-friendly attributes.

NFT token issuance

In this step, smart contracts are issued and permanently stored in NFT format, and overall account-related work is performed through backend service development and user screen configuration. Through this, it will provide the free transaction liquidity supply and send required information quickly to all users to provide the high convenience for the ANV NFT platform.

Token market

If the smart contracts development is for issuing and storing the smart contracts in NFT form at the NFT token issuance part then the smart contract development at this stage is for providing the convenience for token transactions

The following is the screen and feature implementation. This step starts with a landing page consist of simple and fixed contents and consists of △ a user login screen that helps users to access the MetaMask, △ a list of the tradable item, △ setting the ANV as the transaction page that providing the statistics information.

(Only supports the desktop browsers that can use Metamasks)

Swap ERC20 to BEP20

Usually, since token transactions are made with Bitcoin or ERC20-based Ethereum, the inconvenience in transactions between ERC20 and BEP20 occurs. This step improves those issues through swap technology.

Sends the ERC20 token via metamask, and the system received the ERC20 token creates and sends the BEP20 token to user’s address. It’s aim to lower the user’s entry barrier by providing the swap service not confined to the token types.


The smart contract development and screen and features implementation part in this step provides the following factors that are required when users are lenting by using the ANV: List of the statistics and item such as, △ Item information what user are trying to loan, △Borrowed count, △lent counts, and △ repayment ratio.

In addition, the NFT DeFi platform constructs the IPFS to prepare for the influx of more users, and provides high security through the onboarding registering via Certik. Also, it will provides the service that ANV users to experience more various network transaction through creating the ANV token multi chain swap pool.

(Only supports the desktop browsers that can use Metamasks)

Starting with the issuance of NFTs using their IPs, Aniverse tries to build services that possesses both accessibility and popularity to allow users to trade NFT more easily. In addition, Aniverse will provides the service perfect for the NFT DeFi era by ensuring the security and transparency via IPFS composition. Anivese is dreaming to be positioned as the top player of the NFT market through combining the CenterPrime’s blockchain technical skills and Anivers’s enough IP and contents.

CenterPrime is a project that connects traditional finance and DeFi industries to realize an era in which people and institutions around the world can freely experience the new Oracle economy. Therefore, through the development of this Aniverse NFT software, we look forward to the formation of an NFT DeFi ecosystem that is beneficial to each other by being balanced, rather than focusing on any one of developers, users, or institutions.


ANIVERSE is the contents theme park platform with Larva’s exclusive platform partner. Users can turn their own imagination into reality by making contents and products through ANIVERSE Ips. By Sharing and mediating tangible and intangible content assets, ANIVERSE will be advantageous to everyone.

About CenterPrime

The CenterPrime project uses a hyperledger private chain to share an open banking API to apps, connecting centralized finance to decentralized finance. Also making smart pairing data for loan, remittance, exchange, payment, and exchange rate information possible to be included in fintech oracle networks.

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