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CPX Token Allocation Index


CPX, which is currently used in various fields, is used to operate CenterPrime’s token economy.


CPX, used as a provider field, is provided as a reward to nodes or participants who provide data to the platform. When rewards are given, a Multi Bonded Proof-of-Stake (MBPoS) consensus algorithm through the Oracle Perceptron protocol is used. Since all processes are done through the MBPoS consensus algorithm, CPX holders will be rewarded with transparent and fair results and processes. What is required in a fast-growing market is a stable system, transparent compensation, and fair compensation for long-term holders. Ahead of the mainnet opening in October 2022, we adopted the MBPoS consensus algorithm to build a fair and reliable reward system, and to build a more stable system in conjunction with the fintech system.


CPX, used in the operator field, is used for synthetic assets, NFT verification processes, fintech connections, etc. The operator composed of the Oracle Perceptron protocol is a technology that provides a connection service with the real economy connected to the open banking fintech service. In addition, we provide services such as payment, remittance, charging, and compensation through real assets connected to DeFi financial assets. It plays a role as a middleware platform through Operator in NFT service, one of CenterPrime’s main products. With the mainnet opening scheduled for 2022, we have built an operator to provide stable services.


CPX, used in the validator field, is conducted through a transparent and fair algorithm. Through mining, CPX tokens are responsible for validating users’ transactions, adding them to the public blockchain ledger, and adding new tokens to the existing supply. All mining processes are carried out through the Multi Bonded Proof-of-Stake (MBPoS) consensus algorithm through the Oracle Perceptron protocol. As a consensus algorithm that solves the problem of trust and value of multiple assets, reliable value is derived through the connection of the underlying assets and tokens of each network and fair value judgment. CenterPrime has set up a distribution plan that supports a transparent mining structure that institutions, companies, and users can trust in the mainnet network to be applied in 2022.

CenterPrime Growth Fund

CPX used in the CenterPrime Growth Fund, is used in various fields to grow the CenterPrime platform.

Community & Marketing:

CPX, which is used as a field of community and marketing, is used to attract users and expand the community. Tokens are used as incentives to attract holders and users after listing on the exchange. In addition, it will be used for various marketing promotions that can contribute to the revitalization of the project. As the CPX ecosystem grows, the unlocked quantity of tokens will be gradually expanded to meet the demand. However, since our project ecosystem has the purpose of connecting the platform to the platform, it is operated by a stable plan to meet the stable supply and demand of the market. Tokens used in the community and marketing fields will only be used for the above-mentioned purposes.

Partnership & Ecosystem:

CPX, which is used in partnerships and ecosystems, is used for contracts and contract fulfillment with partners in various industries such as fintech, finance, block chain, network, and currency, which can provide fast and stable growth of the ecosystem. Because CPX has the position of a hyper-convergence platform that connects various industries, communication with collaborators in various industries is important to expand the ecosystem.

Traditional Finance, Fintech Partners

Currently, major traditional financial companies around the world are rapidly conducting research and technology introduction to provide financial services through fintech and blockchain. However, there is no middleware platform that can stably support such demand. CPX, which will be used as a basic asset in a stable and efficient connection platform for networks and networks, public and private chains, services and services, and services and customers, is used for collaboration with traditional financial companies and platform expansion.

Network Foundation

Network foundation, which provides blockchain networks, uses its survival strategy by securing many users. However, the current network use is difficult to secure services and users due to the high volatility of underlying assets, and there is a problem in network scalability as there is no communication between networks. The CPX token is used to solve the above problems by connecting networks to networks and using networks freely and efficiently.

Service, Data Provider

CPX tokens are used for collaboration with service providers operating on the network and data providers that provide data. It provides a platform that connects various networks and enables efficient use, and the CPX token used within the platform is used for collaboration and expansion with service and data providers.


Tokens belonging to the Foundation category belong to the Foundation permanently. CPX tokens bound to the foundation are not used for staking or rewards, they are only used when delegating the foundation. This is a permanent declaration that the CPX token will be used to secure and grow its value.

Investment Reserve:

Tokens used for investment compensation are used to reward investors who invested in the early stage of the project. It is also used as a reward for the investment received as the ecosystem expands. CPX token performs the function of connecting industry and industry. Therefore, as the ecosystem expands, it is important to secure the amount of tokens for investment compensation as various industries are linked. The number of tokens to be vested is very low compared to the industry standard and does not affect the token’s ecosystem expansion.

Token Sale

The tokens allocated for the CPX token sale will be sold as the tokens flow. Limited initially, we will vest what is essential for the token to flow into the DeFi economy. After that, the token sale will proceed according to the natural expansion of the token ecosystem.

Community Pool

CPX, used in the community pool field, is used for liquidity and continuous development of the token ecosystem.

Launch Pad:

Launchpad is conducted through a central exchange. A launchpad is the sale of tokens on a specific exchange. However, only qualified buyers designated by the exchange may purchase. In other words, it is an IEO platform conducted by the exchange. CPX has designated the number of tokens to be processed after listing on the exchange that runs the launchpad. The exact vesting schedule can be announced after consultation with the exchange.

FT Liquidity Pool:

The CPX allocated to the FT Liquidity Pool category is set up to provide liquidity. For the token ecosystem to grow continuously and stably, it is essential to supply healthy liquidity. However, the liquidity supply so far has been supplied through tokens that lack a value basis. This behavior will adversely affect the token economy. We will deposit the underlying assets in parallel to provide healthy liquidity in the CPX economic ecosystem. Through this, we plan to prevent the adverse impact on the economic ecosystem caused by the reckless supply of tokens and provide healthy liquidity with clear evidence. The main pools that provide liquidity are UniSwap, Pancake Swap, Serum Dex, PolkaSwap, SwapMatic, and ETC.

NFT Liquidity Pool:

CPX allocated to the NFT Liquidity Pool category will be used for value trust in the upcoming content blockchain era. Currently, NFT is rapidly applied in various fields through value specificity and reliability, which are the values of NFT, and is growing. Unlike FT, NFT has a special value for each token, so in the future, the value of NFT will be set the same as the underlying asset. We recognize the importance of NFT, and we have the technology to provide the security of NFT, which is a current problem. Therefore, it drives the NFT market and allocates CPX to the NFT Liquidity Pool for a future where each NFT has the same shape as the underlying asset.


Tokens used in the team & advisor field are used as incentives for the growth of the ecosystem. It is used for continuous communication with advisors in various fields and for current advisors for the growth of the ecosystem. It will also be used to reward core teams and recruit new talent. Hiring industry-leading talent in blockchain, DeFi, fintech and networks requires a lot of incentives. Also, currently we have 19 members. However, in the next two years, we plan to have around 50 to 70 members. Additionally, we will only pay CPX tokens when the milestones are achieved, and if the milestones are not achieved, the tokens will be locked forever.



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