KHHN: Korea Heritage and History NFT Project Official Launch

Jun 3 · 3 min read

We have officially launched The Korea Heritage and History NFT (KHHN) project. It was awarded the grand prize in the IPFS field among 758 teams from all over the world in recognition of its technological excellence at the ‘Chainlink Virtual Hackathon Spring 2021’ hosted by UNESCO and Chainlink.

The KHHN Project is a project aimed at preserving and preserving heritage that exists around the world. Heritages that exist all over the world already hold important value to mankind, linking the past, present and future. Knowing this, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) was established in 1945 and are currently working to protect the precious heritage of mankind. However, it is being gradually destroyed due to man-made tragedies such as war, environmental pollution, and natural disasters.

The KHHN project is showing efforts to make the information of various heritages and to convey the values to protect the heritage from being destroyed, and to deliver the information of the heritage to the descendants clearly and accurately by making them into NFTs. A non-fungible token (NFT) is literally a digital asset with an irreplaceable value. By storing the ownership of the digital file on the blockchain, it is impossible to forge and it’s irreversible. These NFTs can preserve heritage from the destruction described previously and ownership disputes. In the past, disputes over the ownership of properties between different countries have undermined the intrinsic value of the property and further cause cultural and physical clashes. In order to prevent such a situation and to clearly give the value of heritage to descendants, the NFT technology, such as impossible to forge or reverse is needed in a decentralized form.

There are five major stages to completing the main tasks of project KHHN.

1. Building the heritage data chain: The heritage data is organized off-chain. By making this onchain, it lays the foundation for proof of anti-forgery and irreversible transaction in a decentralized blockchain network.

2. Heritage Tokenization: By combining heritage data with tokens that can flow in-chain, the tokenized data is actually on-chained.

3. Heritage DID Certificates: identify and confirm obsolete data through DID Certificates for the real foundation of the heritage data.

4. Heritage Mining and Exchange Pool: Encourage continuous participation through appropriate rewards for participants (mining and reward) and help heritage conservation.

5. Ecosystem Building: As the participation in protecting the heritage increases, a portion of the mining and exchange fees are donated to the preservation of the heritage, which is used to build an ecosystem for the protection and conservation of said heritage.

Many organizations, companies, and people who sympathized and supported the values of this project helped establish KHHN LTD and officially launched the project. KHHN is a continuously developing technology and we are growing its business to protect all existing cultural and natural heritages around the world, preserve values and pass them on to future generations.

About KHHN: Korea Heritage and History NFT

The KHHN project applies the core value of blockchain, NFT, in order to preserve and protect the world heritage. Since NFT is irreplaceable and irreversible proof of a transaction, the present, past, and future heritage can be preserved, protected, and clearly passed down to descendants. Additionally, wasteful consumption costs between countries can be reduced.

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