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NFT trading platform that can be synchronized with OpenSea, “Very First synchronized Platform of South Korea, Aniverse NFT”

“Aniverse NFT” operated by Aniverse, Korea’s first integrated NFT trading platform that is linked with OpenSea which is the biggest global NFT market, through the technology of CenterPrime.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that is so called ‘a certified copy of the registration’ of the virtual world is a non-fungible token through blockchain technology that can’t be replaced. Due to COVID-19, which has brought a global pandemic, the number of investors who want to prove ownership of virtual assets online has increased so that the NFT industries have started to grow rapidly. It caused many companies’ attentions around the world to invest in NFT industries. Factually, the value of NFT transactions, which was $28 million in the third quarter of 2020, increased about 380 times to $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021. In addition, Facebook announced they would build a digital marketplace using NFT while changing the company name to ‘Meta’. This shows the prospect that the NFT market will become more activated.

With the power of the revitalizing NFT industry, the NFT trading platform is growing rapidly. However, many of the currently operating NFT trading platforms do not support NFT trading through other trading platforms. This is because the format of metadata from NFT and the IPFS (Interplanetary File System protocol) format are different for each NFT trading platforms. In addition, there are many cases where NFTs are not shown in wallets such as MetaMask, so it is often not possible to trade purchased NFTs. Users who trade NFT experience the inconvenience of such poor compatibility and needless to say coins that support transactions are limited to popular basic coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Aniverse introduced ‘Aniverse NFT’, which solves the limited transaction compatibility and transaction environment that obstructs the growth of the NFT industry. It is compatible with OpenSea, which is the world’s largest NFT trading platform, and NFT from third-party NFT trading platforms. This is the first platform that enables NFT transactions using FTs other than the basic coins.

Aniverse NFT was developed by Aniverse and CenterPrime. CenterPrime is evaluated and proved their NFT technology by winning the grand prize of “Filecoin” at the ChainLink Hackathon Competition (hosted by ChainLink and UNESCO) on 15th of March, 2021, and the Binance Hackathon Competition in February 2021.

Aniverse NFT supports experience to users to directly conduct transactions with other NFT platforms, also enables to purchase and sell NFTs through ANV which is FT, issued by Aniverse. In addition, it is the first NFT platform in Korea that supports NFT trading using FTs designed to resell purchased NFTs to OpenSea.

An official from Aniverse said, “We hope that the flow of growth of the NFT industry will continue through Aniverse NFT, which supports free and convenient NFT transaction environments.”


ANIVERSE is a ‘content theme park platform’ that combines real IP business and blockchain technology to lower the high entry barrier of current IP business. The ANIVERSE Foundation has started its own IP contents business with Larva’s exclusive partnership.With 150global IP business partners in 25 countries and potential customers in 196 countries, ANIVERSE wants to build a global service platform that allows corporations and individuals to conduct their global IP business safely and without restrictions.ANIVERSE NFT is one of the global platform services that achieve the goal of ANIVERSE.We are aiming to grow as a trading platform for revitalizing content within Aniverse and content that contributes to the growth of the industry, and will provide an easy user interface for the NFT trading environment.

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