Oracle Perceptron Wallet

Feb 18, 2021 · 4 min read

“New Oracle DeFi Wallet”

In 2021, change in the blockchain market is occurring globally, and countries, institutions, and enterprises to try to focus on and utilizing this change are increasing. Especially, on blockchain technology and investment. As of February 17, 2021, from CBDC, the digital currency issued by the country to the rise of Bitcoin, which exceeded $50,000 and the investment of numerous celebrities supporting it, currency digitalization is in earnest.

However, unlike the world’s attention, the current blockchain and DeFi industry shows a lot of issues blocking the growth of the industry. Typical issues are following.

Excessive maintenance expenses and fees

If the user selects one network, the user has nothing to do except using the underlying asset of such a network. So, if the underlying asset of the network increases, the user will feel pressure and this becomes the one factor that blocks the industry expansion.

Impossible to reflect and use in the real economy

Token/coins using in the current blockchain and DeFi industry are cannot be used in the real economy. A giant enterprise like Paypal said they are providing services through cryptocurrency but unlike what they said, services are not yet introduced and only targeting the underlying assets of the main network.

Inconvenient UI/UX

The wallet is required for users to store, exchange, and use cryptocurrency. However, current wallets are separated into public key and private key, so if the user lost them or hacked by someone, assets cannot be found. Also, to find them, the user needs to remember all of them, but the wallet address is too difficult for users to memorize it.

Above issues are typical reasons that block the industry expansion, and those are issues that already raised continuously on the report of a lot of countries, institutions, and enterprises. However, the oracle perceptron wallet provided by CenterPrime solves those issues, and becomes the standard that leads the new era “oracle defi”.

First, the oracle perceptron protocol provides a blockchain network by connecting with the cross-chain. Accordingly, it allows users to use diverse networks through recommending underlying assets of the most beneficial network to users by considering the network speed, gas fees, etc. Depends on this, users can select networks freely, not hesitating to use because of the excessive fees like now.

Second, the oracle perceptron protocol connects the traditional finance and defi ecoonmy. Users using the oracle perceptron wallet stores the cryptocurrency and can use the payments service linked to the traditional finance not the exchange between the cryptocurrencies. Starting with the ‘Payments’ service known as the first step of the financial service, users will experience the free financial environment using easy and fast financial service everywhere through the cryptocurrency.

Third, the oracle perceptron wallet provides the user-friendly UI/UX. It integrates the public key and private key which are included on the currency wallet into the form of one certificate (PKI). Through this, users can experience the convenient administration and easy defi ecosystem. Also, it provides the wallet address by combining the words familiar to users not the wallet address in the form of the hash strings. Just like the appearance of the domain system due to the inconvenience of the IP address when the internet first appeared, it provides the service that maximizes the users’ convenience.

Like above, the oracle perceptron wallet, improves typical issues block the expansion of the fourth industrial revolution and suggest the standard of the new oracle defi era, is provided into two types.

First, the enterprise wallet is the wallet that designed to form the wallet infrastructure for companies with IT infrastructure, not all companies. It is fast suitable for the enterprise with IT infrastructure with fast network processing speed and server capacity. Also, by using the oracle perceptron’s enterprise wallet, such enterprises to increase the cross-chain network transaction and built the digital economy easily by attracting many users. It is also referred to owner wallet of the NFT token that can issue enterprises’ NFT token, and have the following functions:

Storing enterprises’ various products and services

Storing and trading the issued NFT token

Sending the NFT token to personal wallet

Enterprises enhance the user’s experience by providing the token transaction and exchange services between users’ wallets through above functions. Also, through the connection with the personal wallet, it will form the chain infrastructure and will prepare for the infrastructure that expands the platform.

Second, the personal wallet is the wallet that allows individuals to store and pay easily because the underlying assets (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and the token assets are connected to each other. Instead of easy storage and payments, private keys have high possibility to be hacked, but the personal wallet boasts the perfect security through the digital certificate (PKI) in the form of the integrated key pair.

The oracle perceptron wallet will spearhead as a service of the free and reliable new era by connecting the existing traditional financial service and defi economy.

About CenterPrime

The CenterPrime project uses a Hyperledger private chain to share an open banking API to apps, connecting centralized finance to decentralized finance. Also making smart pairing data for loan, remittance, exchange, payment, and exchange rate information possible to be included in fintech oracle networks.

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