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The Relations Between MyData ㆍ AI ㆍ Blockchain

“My Data is to disclose data held by a company or institution to an individual (requester) or a third party designated by the individual when an individual who is information subject, requests disclosure of his/her data based on the ‘Right of Data Portability’. In other words, it is a concept that strengthens an individual’s control and authority over personal data.”

“Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that artificially implements human beings’ learning ability, reasoning ability, and perception ability, and is mainly expressed in machine learning and deep learning.”

“Blockchain is a ledger management technology based on distributed computing technology that stores data in a chain-type, link-distributed data storage environment created based on the P2P method so that anyone can access it but no one can modify it.”

At first glance, the three technologies seem to be separate from each other. However, these three technologies are already deeply included in our lives in the 4th industrial revolution era.

Today, we would like to talk about relationship and importance of MyData, AI, and Blockchain. To converge these three technologies, you need to understand three sanctions.

First, the technology you need to understand is NFT. NFT is a technology that has become somewhat familiar to us. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) refers to a token that is unique to the token itself and cannot be replaced. Currently, it is a surprisingly fast-growing technology, and a representative trading platform is OpenSea.

Second, smart contract deep learning pool based on a deep learning algorithm. Deep learning is a basic algorithm to be learned as a machine learning algorithm, and it is a technology for extracting new insights. Unlike machine learning, it is a technology that autonomously collects data and extracts insights. The smart contract deep learning pool created based on this deep learning algorithm is operated in conjunction with the machine learning-based algorithm smart contract, which will be introduced in the third section.

Third, a smart contract machine learning pool based on machine learning algorithms. Machine learning is a technology that collects and analyzes data through standardized algorithms. It is a technology used and operated to verify a hypothesis. By combining the smart contract pool, deep learning pool and NFT based on such machine learning algorithms develop into a single protocol.

An example is given to understand these process. We often consume content through YouTube. The content we consume is one piece of data. By collecting this data, it recommends content that suitable for users. This is a familiar pattern for us already. And through this process, we are already experiencing the combined results of data, machine learning, and deep learning. At this time, presume we manipulate the data that builds each algorithm. Which means the corruption of data is occurring. In this case, could we see the correct result? Also, could we trust the results?

In order to solve such problems, combination of MyData, AI, and blockchain is necessary. Let’s replace this with the three materials above. From data to NFT, machine learning to smart contract machine learning pool, deep learning to smart contract deep learning pool.

The technology to prove reliability and specificity of provided content is done through NFT. In addition, all these processes are written on blockchain network, Algorithms built on basis of written reliable data will provide us with reliable results.

In other words, MyData, AI, and blockchain are sectors that will be necessarily combined in the future.

In addition, CenterPrime is researching and developing protocols that can lead future industrial convergence. A protocol that leads and expands future industry through the meeting connecting reliable data and algorithms.

About CenterPrime

The CenterPrime project uses a hyperledger private chain to share an open banking API to apps, connecting centralized finance to decentralized finance. Also making smart pairing data for loan, remittance, exchange, payment, and exchange rate information possible to be included in fintech oracle networks.

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