Ch-ch-ch-changes (Turn and Face the Dollar)

Welp, I kind of thought this might happen. I’m going Patron-only with these Centerville posts, at least for a few months.

The good news is that, for the low, low price of $1 per month, you can read all of the forthcoming Centerville, USA stories over at the Centerville, USA Patreon. As current Patrons can attest, I’m rather prolific. It’ll come out to about 20¢ per story, or even less.

That means you’re going to be seeing much, much less on this publication, I’m sorry to say. But juggling three timetables for each Centerville post is simply too taxing while I’m traveling nonstop, and it makes it hard to keep everything straight, now that I’m doing center after center. I need to be able to get everything down, craft the story, get it out, and not worry about it after.

When I have time, I may throw up a couple of the posts I’m proud of, and the ones currently on here won’t be going anywhere. But in the meantime, your best bet to read all of this swell #content is to sign up to be a Patron.

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