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Centina Pentina

The Liberation Gang

Free the bears, and all the other stuffed animals, too!

Photo by Bill Adler

“Wolf, Cat, Panda, Elephant, Bear, do you understand your roles today?” Bunny locked eyes with each member of her team.

“We know what to do.” Panda spoke for the group. The others nodded in affirmation. “Cat will distract them by pretending to be lost, and that’s when you’ll snatch Penguin. As soon as the kid…




“‘Great things come in small packages,’ they say. But I’ve noticed small things also come in small packages.” —J.A. Taylor

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Bill Adler

Bill Adler

An American writer in Japan, editor of The Binge-Watching Cure books, author of the bestselling book, Outwitting Squirrels. Occasional pilot, 24/7 cat owner.

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