Creativity flourishes within boundaries

Once upon a time, I produced videos for a living. I worked for a non-profit, had a crappy salary, and when I started, had zero tools to produce said videos. And you know what? I made some creative stuff. I found ways to pull off captivating pieces that I could have never afforded — asking seasoned videographers to help me frame shots, making a jib with a fishing pole and old weights, tweaking cheap microphones to capture the best sound possible in a makeshift studio in the corner of a leaky building lined with eggcrate mattress pads. And all the…

And the silence was broken

When the question “Is anyone out there?” was finally answered, there was no one on earth to receive it.

For the weekly prompt:

Birthdays and elections — both seem less important…

To produce a hundred-word story

I wanted to test the theory that says given infinite amount of time, a monkey typing randomly on a computer keyboard would eventually produce works of Shakespeare.

I didn’t have infinite amount of time, so I reduced the goal of the experiment. How about producing a meaningful hundred-word story?

So I got a baby Orangutan and trained it to type on a computer and let it loose. The Orangutan kept typing well into its old age and died one day.

When I scanned the computer for anything that resembled a story, I found one.

You just finished reading it.

This story is based on the “Infinite Monkey” theorem and you can read more about it here:

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