Flutter On-Top

Flutter has a Highly customizable and fast widget system. And it makes flutter Awesome!

Now a days flutter is going to make a great graphical app development tool. App development on flutter is too easy and versatile. Actually flutter growth rates is going too good. It going incredible fast.

No doubt, all flutter team are working hard to make it better and better. Through flutter, you can create android, ios app, mac book, windows, Linux, and almost every platform. Now Google has announced google’s upcoming operating system fuchsia os will support flutter.

Flutter Built technology:

Flutter made with C, Dart, C++ and Skia. Skia is 2d rendering engine. Flutter run your code compiled with C, C++ and…

Nextjs Static page

It’s latest 9.5 update promises to eliminate latency spikes and prevent from ever going offline

Next.js is a React JavaScript UI library getting a refresh. It’s new 9.5 update adds capabilities including incremental static regeneration.

Incremental static regeneration updates through re-rendering them from the background as traffic flow. Traffic is served statically beside the newly built page used only after it is done generating. So there are no spikes in latency and pages never going offline.

Incremental adoption of Next.js allowing developers to make incoming requests with different destination paths including other URLs. It is used in situations such as changing the structure of application routes, take the form of a list of redirects in…

Logical Thinking

It based on only logic unless human, Let’s discuss it

I don’t know you are a computer programmer or not, but you should know that every programmer had to explore their thoughts by computer using their common known programming language. Every human has sentiments, but the computer has no sentiments and the computer only can think about the logical process. Let’s take apart AI and Machine Learning because they are some in-between deep concepts.

How to code approach a problem: -

Actually code will approach a problem depends on how the creator designed it. This problem can be solved by a brute force approach or a specific approach using some trick. Every program’s selected approach will depend…

Javascript Dynamic-Behaviour

Analytics of programs dynamic behaviors using some special technique

For general-purpose computing, JavaScript is an object-oriented and widely used Programming language. Unlike more traditional language such as C#, Java, it does not have classes and does not encourage encapsulation or structured Programming. Instead of JavaScript strives to maximize flexibility. Let’s see how dynamic behaviour of javascript program works.

JavaScript became a general-purpose computing platform with office applications, browsers, and development environments. It is a dubbed version of the “Assembly language” of the internet and targeted by code generators from the likes of java and Scheme. In this response, it started to gain attention and respect.

According to researchers, Security…

Learn Fast

These simple technique help to be a fast learner

Let’s play a game, You also know some people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Mark Jukarbark, etc. Just tell me one thing that what was the common thing of them. Maximum of people and maybe you will say they are billionaires, famous, American and etc. But let me tell you one common thing what most people missed that they are masters of their field. They are master because they are passionate, Confident, Hardworking also have had a clear goal. …

Browser Performance

Bytecode Compilation can reduce JavaScript Execution Time on an Embedded Platform


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