“I needed study space that was away from campus because it’s always very full.”

“I run a blog mainly just for me to start writing down article ideas that I have. I like to focus a lot on things that other students in Waterloo area would find interesting, so part of that is study space that isn’t just campus stuff. I also find people that go to Waterloo and Laurier tend to stay on their campus and they don’t really explore the Waterloo Region. I try to highlight areas that they would be interested in.

“What brought me to KPL was that I needed study space that was away from campus, because it’s always very full. I went to KPL to give it a try, and walking in you could immediately tell that it is a gorgeous space and it is a community space and all the natural light makes it a good library to study in. I walked in and saw the art installation and just immediately fell in love with the space.

“They also put in Hacienda which means I never have to leave for food and coffee!”

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