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2021 at CENNZnet in Review

It’s been a huge year for CENNZnet. With the mainnet up and running, 2021 has been the year of non-stop building and innovation, and my has it been exciting! So far the team have successfully launched staking, CENNZX our decentralised exchange, point and click NFTs, the Emery token bridge and even gone carbon negative to name just a few! Here’s the breakdown of what happened this year at CENNZnet:

CENNZX — liquidity on CENNZnet

The dual token economy is a crucial part of the CENNZnet economy and to fully utilise the benefits of both tokens we needed an on-chain exchange.

In June CENNZnet’s very own on-chain, decentralised exchange CENNZX went live. This allows super fast and totally secure exchange of CENNZnet’s core tokens and will eventually work with any token active on the CENNZnet chain.

Learn more about how the CENNZX module works here.

NFTs on CENNZnet — launching the NFT module

2021 was the year of the NFT and CENNZnet pivoted fast to join the market leaders. Using our protocol level NFT module users can mint and sell NFTs on CENNZnet without ever needing to touch a smart contract. Instead, users can create custom NFTs using just a Javascript API or point and click with a UI.

Not only will this make it super straightforward for anyone to mint NFT assets, but creators also won’t be locked into a specific marketplace. We also have some pretty neat new features to make NFTs easier to store, share, and use. Check out more about the NFT module here.

The Lithoverse

On the back of CENNZnet’s NFT capability came Litho — a super easy and fun way to mint your creative, world-changing NFTs and share them with like-minds.

Litho is a fully-fledged community built DApp on CENNZnet. It functions as an NFT minter and peer-to-peer marketplace for digital assets, allowing its users to create, buy and sell non-fungible tokens, crypto collectables and other virtual goods. Check out Litho here

Going carbon negative

This year we worked closely with fellow Centrality venture CarbonClick, to take their key functionality onto the CENNZnet blockchain. You can now mint accredited carbon credits on-chain and use these to buy, sell and sequester carbon output- making for a totally transparent end-to-end carbon credit process.

To celebrate CarbonClick’s groundbreaking achievement and maintain our commitment to unfucking the world, we are using the new system to go carbon negative. This means we are actually sequestering more carbon than our chain will ever create — hence negative not just neutral. The team has minted $30,000 NZD worth of certified CO2 credits onto CENNZnet. These verified CarbonClick carbon credits can now be bought and either sequestered or sold on-chain.

Learn more about going carbon negative here.

Token bridge — expanding the blockchain horizons

In November we launched our very own two-way token bridge: Emery! Emery connects CENNZnet to Ethereum allowing our community to easily transfer ERC-20 tokens, Native ETH, data and assets (like NFTs) between the two chains.

The Emery bridge unlocks all sorts of new channels of liquidity and pools of users for DApps on CENNZnet. Learn more here.

Funding great ideas — grants programme

Getting started on your dream blockchain project is a big challenge. Funding, resources and knowledge don’t grow on trees and it’s often difficult to get the sort of support you need to see your world-changing idea come to fruition.

We believe that everyone with an intriguing proof of concept and the ‘go get’ to rock the decentralised world should be given the opportunity to succeed. That’s why this year we began the CENNZnet grants program. We are offering up to $500,000 NZD to help teams or passionate individuals to build on our chain. Get a grant here

Events & Hackathons

Despite another year of Covid-19 disruption, we had some standout in person and online events. Notably was our New Zealand based Techweek hackathon which produced some of the coolest frameworks for NFT DApps we’ve seen anywhere. We also hosted some brilliant online hackathons, bringing together teams virtually from all across the world. Notably, our recent Hackathon in partnership with Gitcoin kicked off a passionate generative art project and several impressive DApp ideas.

The new age of CENNZnet

CENNZnet developed as a venture under the Centrality umbrella back in 2017. With the support of the Centrality family we created the world’s first native permissionless blockchain and DApp platform with an honest focus on user experience.

Now CENNZnet is all grown up. Since going live in June 2020 the CENNZnet blockchain has gone from strength to strength. With our bleeding-edge tech and strong ecosystem of active DApps, we are ready to step out from the Centrality shadow and declare ourselves to the world. And what better way to do this than to give our brand a good scrub up and upgrade? Check out our new look here.

Next year…

The spectacular work that has happened this year means the team will be hitting the ground running in 2022. Expect some super exciting projects, exclusive partnerships and the full implementation of on-chain decentralised governance!

To stay up-to-date on the progress of our technology, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord and Instagram.



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