Centrality grows Developer Engagement at the Singapore Hackathon

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With our test network live and our protocols open sourced, it was time for us to get some talented developers building decentralised apps on CENNZnet. And the Singapore Angelhack didn’t disappoint.

This week the Centrality team travelled to Singapore to mentor teams taking part in the Angelhack hackathon.

We started off with a Community MeetUp, where we took developers through our tech stack. They got a hands-on experience building smart contracts and protocols and got all geared up to tackle our challenge at the hackathon.

Bette Chen leading the workshop ‘Build Dapps the Easy Way’

The Centrality Angelhack challenge was an ‘open hack’, which meant that developers could build any app they liked, as long as it was using our CENNZnet network and protocols and was created using fresh code on the day.

There was no shortage of people talking through their ideas with our team. The most common questions being:
1. How can I integrate blockchain into my idea?
2. How do I decentralise my idea?
3. Which Centrality tools can I leverage for my Dapp?

Mentors on duty.

150 experienced developers took part in Singapore Angelhack, with 4 outstanding teams completing the Centrality challenge and pitching their ideas in front of an energised crowd.

Mesaw — winners of the Centrality challenge

The winning team ‘Mesaw’: Jit Ooi, Joel Chen, Wendy Yong, Justin Ong and Centrality team.

Mesaw built a Blockchain Micro Entrepreneur Service and Work Portal, to handle the settlement between job posters and workers on-chain. They also plan to handle dispute resolution as well.

Judges note: Great innovation. They had one of the most complete team constructs, and we see their idea as something that could evolve into a real business if they continue to work on it.

Dax — runner up for the Centrality challenge

‏Dax team: Ankit Raj

The Dax team consisted of only one member, who successfully built a Digital Assets tradeX for lending and leverage.

Judges note: Fantastic effort for one person in such a short time. It was clear that this person had a deep understanding of blockchain technology and how it could deliver value for this industry.

We were thrilled with the outcome and have made some valuable contacts with the developer community within Singapore. We look forward to bringing more hackathons to South East Asia, so stay tuned!

To stay up-to-date on the progress of our technology, follow us on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


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