Centrality Monthly Update — January 2020

Aaron McDonald
Feb 3 · 6 min read

CEO Aaron McDonald shares key developments over the past month. To stay up-to-date on the progress of Centrality’s ecosystem, follow us on Twitter and our Telegram Announcements channel, plus join our community on Centrality’s Official Telegram, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook.

It’s only 6 months since we launched the network and it’s already hosting the fastest-growing DApp in the world. Starting a new decade, the Centrality team set even bigger goals to nail in 2020. You’ll see us launching the MainNet and moving to public staking. This will be a major step for CENNZ and will create enormous value for the community. We’ll be focusing on growing the user base, reaching 1 million Sylo monthly active users in Q2. We also have a growing list of partnership announcements ready for the New Year with major brands around the world!

The team has already managed to achieve strong progress in the first month alone — here’s what we have been up to:

Centrality Reward Programme

The reward programme was a huge success, with 580mil CENNZ being transferred to the staking account, generating over 16mil CPAY staking and referral rewards. If you participated in the reward programme you can withdraw your CENNZ and CPAY tokens now by going to centrality.ai/reward and logging into your Metamask accounts. All referral bonuses will be sent to your wallet by the first week of February.

Sylo merchandise store

We’re also excited to announce the launch of the Centrality Swag Store within Sylo, using the Sylo Experience Framework. This store integrates Sylo, Shopify and Centrapay and we will put a template up soon on how you could make your own store!

Download the Sylo app from Google Play or the Apple store and use the QR code to access the store.

You’ll then immediately be able to browse the Swag store and check out the limited-edition merch. The site is live from 28 Jan, but you will only be able to purchase from 3 Feb 2020 (to give everyone time to withdraw their tokens). All merchandise is limited edition and you will need to have CPAY to buy — get in quick if you want something because we’re expecting items to sell fast.

Sylo Experiences are built on a user-controlled basis, so as new ones are created, users will get to choose which experiences they want to import into their app via the QR scan function. You’ll notice in the latest update of Sylo that there is a new navigator toggle, which incorporates the generic QR scan reader for easier access!

Sylo Smart Wallet

Traction for the Sylo Smart Wallet has been progressing well, with the app picking up more users in more countries every week. Sylo launched Japanese-language support into the Smart Wallet over the holiday period, so now all our fans in Japan can enjoy the full Sylo experience in their native tongue!


CarbonClick hit the ground running in 2020 with exciting new customers and growing recognition. Late last year our Chief Product Officer, Jan Ivar Czaplicki, won Michael Page Innovator of the Year. Michael Page continues to prioritise innovation in business and Jan recently gave an interview with them to discuss CarbonClick’s innovation journey. You can check out the full article here.

We’re happy to announce our newest customers joining CarbonClick! DIY, hardware giant, PlaceMakers, has added our carbon offsetting green button to check out in addition to popular women’s fitness brand, Clique. As more and more businesses join CarbonClick we will continue to announce them so you can enjoy carbon-friendly shopping. Let’s make a greener planet!


With OnFinality, you can now minimise the risk of slashing and earn rewards by staking with our validator nodes. This month we launched the first of many validator nodes available to be staked with OnFinality, Kusama.

We’ve created a step by step instructions on how to stake Kusama with OnFinality here.

We’ll be adding more networks over the coming month, so stay tuned for more network announcements. For more information on our blockchain-as-a-service solution, click here.


CoverUS have launched the pilot app, which empowered more than 400 Americans living with chronic digestive conditions to earn money and help cover their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Pilot participants permissioned their health data and filled out detailed medical research surveys to help advance health research. The results are fascinating: more than 79% of patients said they would share any and all data with CoverUS which stands in stark contrast to industry polling.

“People’s willingness to engage directly with the healthcare industry via CoverUS holds great promise for the future of medical research and product development. We do everything possible to keep our members’ trust and put their needs first, and we hope that data-driven business models across industries will follow suit,” says CoverUS Co-Founder Andrew Hoppin.


Iomob was announced one of the winners of ‘Sustainable Mobility Challenge’, aimed to unlock the potential of sustainable mobility services in Sweden. Winners have been awarded €50,000 for their innovative, scalable, and user-friendly solutions, as well as the opportunity for funding for accelerated market introduction in Sweden. The long-awaited project with Region Skate will begin development in February.

Progress continues on Stage 2 of Iomob open MaaS (mobility as a service) marketplace pilot for Wellington. The pilot will enable users to book and pay for all journeys through 1 app, instead of flicking through Metlink, Ola, Flamingo, Uber etc. The team has finalised the design and got all the stakeholders on board. In the next couple of month, they will be focusing on confirming & training the test users.

AMA with the community

Finally, I’ve hosted an AMA, answering some great questions from the community on our Telegram channel. There was a lot of interest around Centrality partnerships and we do have lots of great stories coming out and some great new partnerships already agreed in 2020, but the most important thing for our fans to keep sharing is that for networks to have the value they need users and CENNZnet is growing users faster than anyone else. This creates sustainable value. Chasing hot news is a 2017 crypto bubble game, the real game now is building real value in the network, this is what the big companies and professional investors look for now. We also have plenty of hot news too, so stay tuned.

To stay up-to-date on the progress of Centrality’s ecosystem, follow us on Twitter and our Telegram Announcements channel, plus join our community on Centrality’s Official Telegram, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook.


Creating a world UNcorporated

Aaron McDonald

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Co-founder and CEO of blockchain venture studio Centrality


Creating a world UNcorporated

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