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Why should a user have to forgo protecting their personal information to access the apps that they use in their daily lives? Not anymore. Centrapass has integrated Doughnuts into their architecture to ensure that users opt-in to share only relevant information. Here’s how they did it:

Centrapass is a Centrality venture that is solving the big data problem for inflight entertainment. Their client was collecting personal information about travellers during the flight, but this information was being stored by third party servers, which leaves them vulnerable to a hack. Their client also had issues accessing and analysing the information, which was problematic due to the limited lifespan of the data. Lastly, once the traveller disembarked the plane they had no way to access their journey through the country.

Despite new regulations like GDPR, a significant portion of data collection occurs without user consent or knowledge. In response to this, CentraPass advocates for a different approach — why not just ask for it? By engaging users directly on transparent terms, market research companies still gain vital insights, and users protect their identity — it’s a win-win.

How are they using Doughnuts?

CentraPass has come up with a digital travel ID solution that saves travellers time and simplifies travel. It helps tourism businesses personalise their customer experience and capture more value, but also requires the authorisation of the user and keeps their identity details anonymous to ensure their privacy.

The solution enables users to store, own and control their personal preferences on their mobile. They can then scan a QR code on the back of their seat and grant the airlines access to their personal preferences during their travel, without sharing anything else about themselves.

Why Use Doughnuts?

Doughnuts are like a decentralised cookie, because unlike centralised cookies, either the issuer of the Doughnut, or the receiver can revoke the Doughnut and/or its associated permissions. By operating over blockchain architecture, Doughnut permissions remain immutable, configurable, and agile. This facilitates authorisation and communication with both centralized and decentralised technologies.

Using Doughnuts means that the user retains control of their data. This means that only they decide how their information is collected and used. The in-flight entertainment system uses doughnuts by compiling only personal preferences, not the passenger’s personal information. Such an arrangement facilitates the collection of valuable information without associating it with one particular person.

So you can collect the same amount of data as any other platform, but now you’re asking the right questions. For the user it means that the business remembers what the user wants them to but doesn’t know anything else about their identity.

Centrapass has integrated Doughnuts into their architecture to enable users to reveal information to tourism and transport organisations, but only when it’s relevant. The information will be stored on the users device and can still be transferred while they are offline. It is also completely secure.

Integrating Doughnuts also enables users to keep their identity information in one place for multiple sites, rather than having to fill in the same fields over and over again.

Doughnuts are a technology patented by Centrality, built to function in an off-chain environment. Thus, they maintain the security of decentralized infrastructure, while not requiring expensive on-chain storage. Besides identification, Doughnuts can serve a myriad of functions, such as cross-chain smart contracts, or the creation of permissioned networks inside a public blockchain.

You can learn more about Doughnuts here




CENNZnet is a New Zealand built public blockchain and Decentralised Application platform that puts great user experience first.

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