How a startup supercharged their growth with Centrality

Sera Jeong
May 22 · 3 min read

Yabble is utilising four Centrality core services to take their business to the next level

Yabble is a data marketplace allowing brands and consumers to profit from their data. Already a successful business in the data and insights space, Yabble was selected to participate in the Centrality Accelerator powered by Lightning Lab to develop their decentralised technology, supercharge their growth and connect them to investors. Yabble is already active in the New Zealand and Australian markets and is launching in Asia in 2019.

What business challenge was Yabble trying to solve?

Data is one of a business’ largest assets, that’s growing exponentially as technology rapidly evolves. Accenture estimates the global data market will be worth $3.7 trillion by 2030. Today however, data is sold without consumers express consent and without them profiting from the data they help to create. Consumers are sick of it, with 68% of New Zealanders angry and disappointed with brands when they were made aware. Yabble is solving this problem with its ethnically traded data marketplace, where consumers can opt for their data to be traded and, for the first time, earn fair rewards. It’s also a place where brands can broker and buy data securely without fear of reputational risk from consumers.

The technology

Yabble’s consumer-to-business platform puts consumers in control of their own data. Yabble empowers consumers to share their data, thoughts and opinions for profit through the decentralised app. The more a user shares, the more they can earn. Meanwhile, businesses use the Yabble SaaS platform to broker, buy and analyze data and insights for business growth.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain is a key enabler of identity verification allowing consumers to have control of their data and set permission to broker it. Because it is user owned, permissioned and attested, it removes quality and fraud issues providing the buyers of Yabble data with a reassurance of quality.

What Centrality protocols will Yabble leverage and how are they critical for Yabble’s tech stack?

Yabble plays a central role in the Centrality ecosystem working with many of the core services to provide feedback and build mutual value, including:

  • A partnership with CentraPay where retailers can capture feedback via QR codes and trigger vouchers for re-purchase. This was successfully piloted with enterprise client Mitre 10 last month.
  • SingleSource provides user identity verification, giving Yabble a unique point of difference and reassurance of data quality to buyers.
  • TrackBack and Yabble offer a joint programme for suppliers to not only trace their products through the supply chain but to also capture consumer feedback and potential to trigger re-purchase. This is proving hugely popular with NZ exporters.
  • Sylo’s messaging and digital wallet services are core to trigging requests for feedback and allowing users to accumulate rewards.

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Creating a world UNcorporated

Sera Jeong

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Creating a world UNcorporated

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