Rewarding CENNZ token holders

PART 1 : SingularX and SNGX

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3 min readMay 3, 2018

Centrality to airdrop SNGX tokens to CENNZ token holders. launched in November, 2017. A joint venture between SingularDTV and Centrality, SingularX is a decentralised exchange for tokens generated in the SingularDTV/Centrality meta-verse, as well as all Ethereum-based tokens that have utility and serve a purpose. SingularX fees are 0.3% per transaction. These fees are pushed into the SNGX token for storage or to be withdrawn by their holder. 10,000,000 SNGX tokens exist, split evenly between SingularDTV and Centrality. Centrality will airdrop its 5,000,000 SNGX into the CENNZ token in the coming weeks.

A snapshot of all CENNZ addresses will occur in May. The exact date and time of this snapshot is to be announced. In order to receive your SNGX tokens, move your CENNZ off all exchanges and into designated wallets before this snapshot occurs.

Our vision for SingularX is for it to become a crypto-community owned Dapplication — open-sourced and with all SNGX tokens given away to SNGLS and CENNZ holders. All transaction fees are stored in the SNGX reward contract in the form of ETH and tokens. Currently, SingularX is paying for itself from its transaction fees, for a decentralized exchange in beta that has yet to be marketed, that’s a positive achievement.

We’re hoping that SNGX holders will use SingularX as their preferred exchange and spread the word to others. Emergent behaviour of a community-owned exchange remains to be seen, but we hope this experiment will be fruitful, and give something back to CENNZ token holders. SNGX and ETH bonuses will also be awarded on a monthly basis to the top 5 most active traders on SingularX. A portion of SNGX tokens earmarked for the airdrop may be held back to provide for these bonuses. Additional details on this bonus-reward will be forthcoming. Remember, anyone receiving any store of value from the SNGX token must be responsible for their own tax liability in their respective jurisdictions.


5,000,000 SNGX into 1,200,000,000 CENNZ = 0.00416 SNGX into 1 CENNZ

Therefore, if you have 10,000 CENNZ, you will receive 41.6 SNGX.

Once the SNGX token is airdropped, then what? How do you see your SNGX tokens in your wallet and how do you withdraw ETH stored in the SNGX token?

  1. Go to and generate a wallet if you haven’t already.
  2. You’ll need to see the SNGX token in your wallet, so import its token address, 0x78774d1c3277b83459c730921bff11019017b233. Remember, never send any tokens to this address, you’ll lose them forever. This address should only be used once to import the SNGX token address into your wallet.
  3. Click into your SNGX wallet card and at the bottom left your pro rata portion of your SNGX ETH will be shown.

You may also notice the “deposit” button. This allows you to deposit ETH into the SNGX Reward contract. As the creators of SNGX, this is a process Centrality can do on a daily basis with a push of a button, to push the transaction fees into SNGX.

For the record, there will be no ETH appreciation rewards pushed into the CENNZ token. All ETH raised in the CENNZ TGE in January this year will be used to develop the Centrality ecosystem. Any and all revenue generated by Centrality will be pushed into the CENNZ token once the appropriate and regulated infrastructure is established. There is currently no timing on when this infrastructure will be established. More updates on that will come later.

Centrality reserves the right to change the above-mentioned specifics for the benefit of the Centrality ecosystem.



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