The countdown to our launch has begun!

Apr 10, 2019 · 3 min read

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Over the past year we’ve been working towards this moment — the delivery of the vision in our whitepaper and the creation of an extensive library of open sources tools that every developer, business and start-up needs to create world-class blockchain applications.

Come to us today. Go to market tomorrow.

To guide you through our journey to full community staking we’ve created a roadmap that outlines the different launch stages, with major milestones being regularly checked off once they are completed.

Centrality has never been a boring, run-of-the-mill company and we’re not about to start now, so you will notice that each stage is named after….. chillis. Why chillis? Because we are coming in hot!

Here’s a bit more context about each stage:

Aurora (Scoville Heat Unit ranking 35,000)

This is our private-access stage. We’re working with businesses that we’ve personally invited to test our protocols, SDKs and platform to ensure they’re working efficiently before we move to open beta. We’re happy with the outcome and this stage is complete.

Rooster Spur (Scoville Heat Unit ranking 170,000)

This is where we launch the open beta and the first round of protocols, SDKs and toolkit. You’re welcome to come and explore the developer portal and start playing with the code. You can grab tokens from the faucet during this stage so that you have the opportunity to understand the tech before we move on with increased levels of stability and staking.

Our Token Economy whitepaper will be loaded to the developer portal. You will be able to review the content and provide feedback before we implement the rules to the code.

Habanero (Scoville Heat Unit ranking 250,000)

We’ll be taking feedback onboard to optimise the tools that have been released and also introducing the next round of protocols, SDKs and some APIs. Your feedback is important at this stage to ensure that everything performs well before we move to the next stage of stability and staking.

At this stage, the Token Economy will be finalised.

Scotch Bonnet (Scoville Heat Unit ranking 350,000)

We continue with the optimisation and the features will be complete. The staking algorithm that we’ve coded will be ready for testing. The tokens will still be a proxy, but the rules that govern the network will be real.

Dorset Naga (Scoville Heat Unit ranking 1,600,000)

The full network is live and full staking is underway. We will allow CENNZ ERC20 holders to transfer their tokens into the network and start earning real block rewards! We’ll probably have a big party.

The next round of protocols and SDKs will be launched during this period — we’re finalising the details of them now and will give you an update closer to the time.

The rules that govern the network are real and the tokens will be real too.

Trinidad Scorpion (Scoville Heat Unit ranking 2,500,000)

Interoperability — this is where we link up all the networks that have built on the PL^G toolkit and start to have internetwork DApps running in the wild.

The countdown is on

We’re turning up the heat and over the next few weeks we’ll have more details on each phase of our launch.

There’s still an opportunity to be one of the first to use our developer portal — sign up with your email here.

Stay up-to-date on the progress of Centrality’s technology by following us on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


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