An invitation to join the Reimagining Government Community

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What is the Reimagining Government Community?

The Reimagining Government Community is a collective of people who feel an affinity to CPI’s vision for better government, and who are committed to exploring and supporting the ideas within that vision in different ways.

Why are we doing this?

We are developing the Reimagining Government Community for three main reasons.

What do we hope Community members will get from this?

Since CPI ANZ began in 2020, we’ve heard, many times, how lonely the work of reimagining government can feel. We hope that the Community will offer its members support from others who understand how challenging and slow this work can be, and who appreciate how counter-cultural these new ways of working can be. There will be some issues that only those who work in and around government can understand and support you with.

How can you get involved?

To join the CoP, simply join the Reimagining Government Community of Practice Slack Channel. The opportunity to join the CoP is always open, and membership is not limited to people based in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

  1. What does “reimagining government” mean to you? (250 words)
  2. Why are you interested in becoming a Reimagining Government Network member? (250 words)
  3. What do you feel you will bring to the Network? (250 words)



We are a not-for-profit, founded by the Boston Consulting Group, that works with governments, public servants, and other changemakers to reimagine government. We turn ideas into action so that government works for everyone.

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