Certainty artefacts: the constructs we create to make sense of the world

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Different forms of certainty artefacts

It is not just leaders who create certainty artefacts. Certainty artefacts appear to exist at different levels. Different forms of certainty artefacts include:

Disrupting certainty artefacts

There appear to be two key challengers to certainty artefacts — disruptors, and uncertainty artefacts.

The usefulness and limitations of certainty artefacts

What I have realised, since that first conversation with Genevieve a few months ago, is that humans crave certainty and it is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect people to change overnight. So, certainty artefacts have a place. However, it is critical to remember that, as Adrian Brown offered, “it is a matter of balance and not mistaking ‘the map for the terrain’.”



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