Convening an ecosystem of changemakers reimagining government in Australia

Jeremy Beck, Unsplash

The session

What we heard

  • Redefining the metrics of success
  • A willingness to tackle some sacred cows
  • A change in world view where communities/ individuals are at the centre — not services
  • Greater empathy and humility in government
  • Greater diversity in government — especially leadership!
  • Devolution of power
  • Justice and equity
  • Capabilities approach (Martha Nussbaum)
  • Participatory decision making and valuing lived experience
  • Asset-based approaches
  • Understanding and changing power structures
  • Embracing complexity and uncertainty
  • A dignity-first approach
  • Transparent, compassionate government which prioritises learning and relationships
  • A shift in mindsets and beliefs
  • Imagining and creating compelling alternatives to the status-quo.
  • Machinery of government changes
  • More funding for the same approaches
  • A leadership development initiative
  • A fixed or singular ways of doing things
  • Creating a formal top-down lobby group
A snapshot of our April Miro board

Where to from here?



We are a not-for-profit, founded by the Boston Consulting Group, that works with governments, public servants, and other changemakers to reimagine government. We turn ideas into action so that government works for everyone.

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