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Aug 15 · 4 min read

For the second year in a row, the Berlin blockchain ecosystem is coming together to celebrate their hard work and open the doors to the latest developments taking place behind the scenes. From the basements of Wedding to warehouses in Kreuzberg, the crypto community in Berlin is thriving. The decentralized community-organized initiative behind Berlin blockchain week will bring together this eclectic community for a full 12 days of events.

Berlin Blockchain Week is a movement based on the premise that self-organization is the backbone of the ecosystem, committed to pushing mass adoption by providing first-hand information about the industry. Less focused on salesy product pitches and more on education, its focus is on the missing building blocks of the Web3 that we all want to see come alive. We are super excited about this edition of Blockchain Week, and below are some highlights of the events we’re most looking forward to.

Dig in!

Web3 Summit. Funkhaus

From Edward Snowden to Jillian York, the Web3 Summit, once again, has put on a badass program centered around the Web3 technology stack.

The Web3 Summit is an immersive and collaborative gathering focusing on Web3 technology, including P2P protocols, platform-neutral computation language, data distribution protocols, blockchains, transient data/messaging, encrypted storage or protocol-extensible developer APIs.

Centrifuge co-founder Lucas Vogelsang will give a presentation on how to mint privacy-preserving Non-Fungible Tokens based on some chain data and verified with zero-knowledge proofs, Monday 19.08 at 16.00 pm, at Studio 5.


Dappcon. Technical University Berlin

DappCon is a developer conference, focused on decentralized applications, tooling, and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum. 3 days, over 20 speakers and 24 workshops, it will be the place for Ethereum devs and researchers!

Co-Founder and CTO Philip Stehlik will give a talk on NFTs and zkSNARKs to bring off-chain assets into DeFi, Wednesday 21.08 at 15:00


ETH Berlin. Technical University Berlin/ Factory Görlitzer Park

ETH BerlinZwei is a hackathon, a culture festival, an educational event, a platform for hacktivism, and a community initiative to push the decentralized ecosystem forward. It will be the hub where builders will be hacking and building, while getting their creative juices flowing. In addition to the hackathon, they have also put on an impressive program with speakers from Jaya Klara Brekke to Vlad Zamfir, through our own Philip Stehlik.

Philip will be discussing Combining an Ethereum dApp with a Substrate-Based Blockchain, on Wednesday 21.08 at 17:50h, at Technical University Berlin.


Bridging decentralized and centralized ecosystems

BlockState has put together a panel with representatives from INATBA, Solaris Bank, R3 and Centrifuge, on the friction and touchpoints between decentralized and centralized solutions. Will get heated, I’m sure! 😅


The Misfit Economy: Conversations on DeFi. Centrifuge Office, Kreuzberg.

What types of financial innovation are needed to address concrete, real-world problems? What does a Somalian agri-food entrepreneur, selling camels for crypto, have in common with a Venezuelan think thank? And what are the opportunities we see, with Centrifuge Tinlake, to open up access to financing around the world?

These questions and more will be discussed at our event The Misfit Economy: Conversations on DeFi, with teams from MakerDAO, The Open Money Initiative, Aave, Nexus Mutual, Molecule, Fabric Ventures, Outlier, and Fractal.

Centrifuge Office, Thursday 22.08 at 17.00.


Token Engineering Global Gathering

With cryptoeconomics and mechanism design as a core business model for most blockchain projects and businesses, it is no surprise that token engineering as a field has gained so much traction.

We’re thrilled that the monthly Token Engineering Meetups in Berlin have turned into a large Global Gathering, bringing together the global community to deep dive on everything tokens.

Cassidy Daly, Token Design and Research at Centrifuge, will give a talk on Why should we care about Token Distribution? In her talk, she will examine the historical effects of wealth distribution to understand its impact on the growth of economies over time.

You can see the rest of the program here.

Come meet us!

If you’re curious about Centrifuge, Tinlake, want to dig deeper into NFTs, or just generally excited about decentralized finance, come and meet us!

For more info on Centrifuge click here or join the conversation on Medium and Twitter.

Until next week! ✌️


Centrifuge is a decentralized operating system for the financial supply chain.

Maya B. Gadegård

Written by

Social scientist. @Centrifuge @amamaymaya


Centrifuge is a decentralized operating system for the financial supply chain.

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