Centrifuge partners with Nexus Mutual to offer smart contract coverage for Investors and Issuers

Helena Flack
Oct 14 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Nexus Mutual, a premium DeFi insurance coverage provider. Investors and Issuers in Centrifuge’s dapp Tinlake will now have the option of purchasing coverage for DAI properly deployed in any of Centrifuge’s Pools.

While all of Centrifuge’s smart contracts have been thoroughly audited by both Least Authority and dapp.org, this insurance will give Tinlake Investors and Issuers an added layer of security if wanted.

How to Participate in Nexus Mutual coverage:

  1. Buy coverage: Protocol participants who have DAI invested in Centrifuge’s Tinlake pools can buy coverage through Nexus Mutual to get reimbursed for a potential loss of funds due to smart contract issues. The coverage extends to the set of smart contracts of the Tinlake protocol. Please note that coverage does not extend to any losses in the pools. More details on how to get access to coverage 👉 How to Buy Cover.
  2. Provide coverage as a Risk Assessor: If you are an active Nexus Mutual participant or NXM holder, you can earn income by providing cover for buyers through staking NXM tokens and receiving the coverage premium as yield. The protocol has committed 25,000 USDC as a reward for early NXM Stakers.

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