December DROP 💧 Hiring, Bounty, Telegram, 5 Live Pools

Dylan Dedi
Dec 15, 2020 · 2 min read
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Hello Centrifuge

There has been a lot of forward progress in the last month! After the release of Tinlake v3, we now have 5 pools live on Tinlake. All of these pools are open and receive bonus Radial rewards.

🌀 Learn more about these pools here.

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Oh, and we made the UI much prettier 😍

Welcome us to Telegram!

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[Centrifuge + Telegram = Centrifuge Telegram]

We finally joined the nexus of crypto projects communicating through Telegram.

🌀 Join our Telegram channel here.

Bounty — A New Way To Mine Radial

We have initiated the first ever community initiation to mining Radial; it’s a bounty program that rewards users who actively engage with our Discourse.

🌀 Read more about how you can earn Radial here.

Wait… what’s Radial?? Oh, I can learn more here 👇

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We are hosting the 6th Centrifuge community call and it’s all about the Centrifuge Radial token. Cassidy Daly will explain some of the big questions:

🌀 Sign up for the community call here.

Last, but not least… Hiring is happening!

Centrifuge is expanding! Over the next month, keep an eye out on our job board for new positions. As of now, we have:

🌀 Find out more about the jobs here.


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