Expanding access to DeFi: Our Brand New User Experience

Helena Flack
Mar 4 · 3 min read

We are excited to announce that with continuous improvements to the onboarding experience for Tinlake, all Asset Originators are halving the minimum investment in their pools to $5k from $10k.

There are now a few very simple steps to complete before you can start throwing that DAI into Tinlake; after you connect your ETH account, it’s time for the KYC process, which now has a new and improved integration with Securitze, making the process significantly faster than before! Their automated verification is usually conducted within an hour and if you go through the KYC process once, you can reuse your Securitize ID for all Tinlake pools.

This new process cuts some manual steps associated with onboarding, and thus enables our Asset Originators to lower the minimum required to invest in one of our pools. Unfortunately, there has to be a minimum investment amount due to costs involved with KYC and SPVs, and we at Centrifuge are working hard to allow more people to invest within the legal framework required by the regulators so stay tuned!

Governance Poll in: Centrifuge Liquidity Rewards Extended

In addition to this, with almost 1 million in CFG rewarded to our users it was time for the community to review the Centrifuge rewards. The community has discussed and voted on keeping the rewards at the same rate (0.0042CFG per DAI per day). Pools have been growing steadily (we have $4m TVL as of yesterday! As a result (yes we are the gift that keeps on giving), this has allowed us to halve the minimum investment period to qualify for rewards down to 30 days, from 60 days!

Tinlake & Fortunafi helping small businesses succeed: A short story

Our investment pools are proving to be impactful on bridging the gap between Real World Assets & DeFi, and one example of how we are doing this is through the pool with Fortunafi, the lending and yield protocol backed by revenue based assets.

Fortunafi and Corl partnered up to create a pool on Tinlake in order to allow anyone to invest in small and growing businesses in the digital economy, whilst receiving an appealing risk-adjusted yield of 10% APR plus $CFG rewards. This allows everyone to have the opportunity to invest and help small businesses succeed, whilst simultaneously knocking down barriers that previously only the largest institutional investors could get through.

The Fortunafi pool has reached over 600k DAI and is targeting to grow much bigger in size to at least double in the next few weeks.

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Oh and we are hiring! So if you want to join the team and help contribute to the Centrifuge vision check out the openings here.


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