Fortunafi’s Revenue-Based Financing Pool has launched on Tinlake

Dylan Dedi
Nov 23, 2020 · 2 min read
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Introducing a new investment product: Fixed High Yield backed by Revenue Based Financing Assets

Get a Fixed Yield while Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Fortunafi has partnered with Corl to invest in revenue-based financing assets. These assets provide investors with an attractive, risk-adjusted yield of 10% APY.

Corl uses AI and machine learning technology to find asset-light and revenue-heavy businesses underserved by traditional investors. Corl provides growth capital in exchange for a slice of the revenue generated by these startups. These small businesses are able to buy back their revenue share at any time, giving a flexible option for small businesses to grow at an early stage.

Fortunafi turns this into RBF (revenue-based financing) assets. By minting them on Tinlake, anyone can now invest in the pool and provide financing for small businesses.

Sign up for the pool here.

Pool Details

Here’s everything you need to know about the pool. You can also learn more and ask questions directly to Fortunafi on their community intro.

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Radial Bonus when Investing in this Pool

Radial rewards also apply to this pool. Radial (RAD) is the token that powers the Centrifuge chain. When you invest in this pool, you will receive not only 10% yield, up to .25 Radial per Dai invested at the beginning of the curve (see more details on the Rewards Program here).

More on How it Works

The founders of Fortunafi and Corl introduced themselves to our community last week and gave a demo of how this all works.

To learn more, sign up to the pool where the executive summary can be found.

Contact information:

Questions? Jump on our Discourse and join our newsletter.


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