Growing with Galaxy Digital and IOSG Ventures

Lucas Vogelsang
Feb 23 · 4 min read

We raised $4.3m in a SAFT!

What a journey so far, one we couldn’t have achieved without our hardcore supporters. Not only did we launch 7 pools, we are also now at over $3.5m TVL — and with this growth and maturity in our product we decided to bring in more capital to grow the business. And it’s just getting better. Our mission to bring real world assets on chain is further accelerated, we just raised a further $4.3m in the SAFT round in December last year.

The Round

We saw some great investors join this round; IOSG Ventures, Galaxy Digital HK Trading Limited, Rockaway, Fintech Collective, Moonwhale, Fenbushi, TRGC, HashCIB. This rockstar combination will bring deep knowledge of both traditional finance and the ever-evolving crypto space with them, areas that Centrifuge is working on merging together.

The new round comes off the back of the successful launch of the mainnet last year and the launch of Tinlake v3 in October, which is now north of $3.5m TVL.

We made it our mission to bridge real-world assets to DeFi: a task that can bring trillions of value from traditional finance into DeFi. Some bigger projects we are working on, like using MakerDAO and Tinlake to back Dai with real world assets, will make financing large pools of assets instant and a much more attractive and democratized option for financing assets.

William Nuelle of Galaxy Digital believes:

“DeFi will eventually need to finance the economy to fulfill its potential — Centrifuge is an on-ramp for the real economy to tap into DeFi liquidity. Securitization and warehousing of debt happens in a single block, lowering the cost of capital for borrowers. Centrifuge’s NFTs and risk tranching become the base primitive.”

As mentioned, we are proud to announce that this funding round was joined by some key players in the DeFi space, who we cannot thank enough. Big shouts out to Mariano Conti, Stani Kulechov from Aave, Brian Crain of ChorusOne, Kain of Synthetix, and Julien Bouteloup for their continued support and faith in us.

Stani Kulechov is excited to be part of the SAFT round because,

“Centrifuge is going to scale DeFi to support real-world assets, a much needed building block across DeFi and for protocols such as Aave.”

And Julien Bouteloup states the reason for his continual support for Centrifuge is,

“NFTs in DeFi is another space with a lot of potential to explode. Centrifuge is paving the way to providing bankless liquidity, by knocking down the barriers of entry and making DeFi accessible to all.”

What’s next?

  • Scaling Tinlake: TVL has doubled every month since opening in October, and new pools will be launching in the coming months. Our product team is working tirelessly to make a smoother UX for both investors and asset originators.

Speaking of Raising, We’re Hiring!

Yep, we are hiring more positions. have a look and help us find the right people:

  • Account Manager

🌀🌀 Find the full list and apply here 🌀🌀

What we look for in candidates

  • First in line is diversity. We want to make sure the future is written by her/them/him.
Learn more about who we are in this post

About us

We have a big vision to change the rules of global trade: our DApp is live and gaining traction to lower the barriers of raising capital. Join us remotely or in our office in Berlin.

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