Hokodo and Centrifuge announce partnership to build first decentralized trade insurance

Markus (Maex) Ament
Published in
2 min readAug 21, 2018


We are extremely excited here at Centrifuge to announce our collaboration with Hokodo, an InsurTech provider in the B2B space.

Hokodo makes it incredibly simple to offer different kinds of enterprise-relevant insurance products to your platform or network — kind of like the “Stripe of B2B insurances”. With a few lines of code aka an API call, it’s possible to add this additional functionality to an existing marketplace offering.

Our collaboration happens on various levels. The first pilot that we just concluded provides a supplier using the Centrifuge OS with the option to insure his receivable against his customer — in a completely automated way. With this, we combine our ability to create “Business NFT’s” as part of the Centrifuge protocol with Hokodo’s instant trade credit insurance API, which results in a new attribute of this tokenized representation of the invoice asset (the NFT).

On a personal note, I couldn’t be more excited to finally have the opportunity to work with Louis and his team. We have known each other for many years, and I have always respected and admired his work, notably at the Digital Agency of Euler Hermes. It feels just right to now get to work together in a way that is groundbreaking, and that creates a foundation for so much more to come from the Centrifuge and Hokodo teams.

As indicated above, the pilot use case of Invoice Protection is just a first step — an essential building block, but still, just a start. The Centrifuge OS covers all documents within the Financial Supply Chain, and the invoice is only one of those. Goods and shipments, as results of purchase orders, are obvious candidates that deserve protection against loss and damages. Centrifuge and Hokodo are both actively exploring other use cases around financing and cargo insurance. Stay tuned for the next ideas!