January DROP 💧 Hiring, Claim Radial, + more

Dylan Dedi
Jan 19 · 2 min read
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Hello Centrifuge World!

And happy 2021! While most of us had a nice break over the holidays, our Tinlake Dapp hasn’t slept: we are now nearing $2m TVL with 7 pools; 3 of which are oversubscribed.

Speaking of Tinlake: Radial claim function has been added

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Check it out on the front page of tinlake.centrifuge.io

We are committed to getting radial in the hands of the right people like investors, validators, AOs, and dedicated community. These rewards help us build a more secure Radial network. The long-awaited functionality to view & claim rewards in our Tinlake Dapp is now live. Go check it out!

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🌀 Radial Rewards 🌀

More Hiring!!!

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We are hiring more positions! It’s your opportunity to join a great project early on with a mission to integrate DeFi into the real world. We are 15 and growing fast. Remote friendly with our own office in Kreuzberg, Berlin. We are crypto-friendly, having ties with the Ethereum, DeFi and Polkadot communities. Annual retreats and flexible vacations! We now have a few positions now open, including:

  • Account manager

🌀 See all the positions here 🌀

Community Call: Claiming Radial Rewards

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Want to learn how to set up a wallet and claim Radial? Come to the community call this Thursday. We will also be announcing the winner of the 1754 Factory contest, who will receive 2000 Radial.

🌀 Call Details 🌀

Telegram: the Sequel (announcements channel)

After releasing our Telegram channel just a month ago, we saw enough growth to justify and no-noise announcement channel.

🌀 Announcement Channel 🌀

Questions? Jump on our Discourse , join our newsletter, or join our telegram.


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