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[June] Update

Dylan Dedi
Jul 2 · 2 min read

Hey Centrifuge World! 👾

Please Note: This is a pure introduction of pools Asset Originators are planning to issue on Centrifuge Tinlake. All commercial terms are subject to information provided by the Asset Originator. Please contact the Asset Originator in case you are interested in financing their pool.

July Pools

🌀 NewSilver Series 1

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NewSilver provides bridge loans to real estate developers to finance residential properties in the US, primarily in the Northeast. Using Tinlake they will tokenize seven bridge loans with approximately 1,000,000 Dai. This Tinlake deployment will be entirely funded by New Silver’s own investors. Future NewSilver deployments will be open to external investors.

🌀 ConsolFreight Series 3

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Short Term Trade Finance

ConsolFreight will return to market for their third consecutive month. This pool will be slightly different than CF1 and CF2: instead of financing the freight forwarder invoices, they will finance the cargo that is being transported, which will be used as collateral against their loans. More details will be released on our Discourse in the coming weeks.

June Update

💸 ConsolFreight Pool #2 Financed: $333k

🎉 Events

  • Berchain: Our Co-Founder Martin speaks at BlockBeers about Centrifuge

📰 In the News

  • The Block: First ‘real-world’ assets for use as collateral
  • Real-World Assets as Collateral for DeFi
  • The Street: Maker’s Shaking Up the Stable(coin) Scene
  • Crypto Hustler: Video Tutorial for receiving RAD from the Faucet
  • Trending Topics: Top 10 DeFi Projects in Europe
  • B-Hub: Top Blockchain Startups in Germany

Stay updated with Centrifuge on Twitter, or join the conversation with Discourse.


Decentralized Asset Financing

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