[May] Centrifuge Update

Dylan Dedi
Jun 2 · 2 min read

May has been a wild ride for Centrifuge! To keep it concise, this issue will list all the links relevant to what’s happened last month:

Centrifuge Launch 🌀

We launched both Centrifuge Chain mainnet and our Tinlake interface.

In the News 📰

  • BTC Echo — Berliner Start-up Centrifuge mischt DeFi-Kosmos auf
  • Yahoo Finance — Blockchain Bites: Google Validates Theta, Coinbase and BitGo Eye Crypto Prime Brokerage
  • The Defiant —DeFi Hackathon Might Produce Next Top Money Lego; Here’s Five Great Projects: Also, RenVm Bitcoin-to-Ethereum bridge is live, Centrifuge launches.
  • Cryptoslate — Ethereum DeFi platform Centrifuge wants everyone to access liquidity via tokenized real-world assets
  • The Block — How Centrifuge plans to connect real assets with the DeFi world
  • Finance Fwd — Centrifuge Launches
  • Formal Verification — In The Week: Developments from Uniswap, Centrifuge, Polkadot, Compound, Terra

Guest Posts 📝

Other Updates in May👾

  • Two of our validators Stake Capital and Purestake wrote about launching with Centrifuge Chain
  • The Graph, a query protocol partner of ours, wrote about how Centrifuge uses The Graph

What’s Coming Up? 🔮

  • Both Lucas and Lea will be speaking at Cogx next week
  • Cassidy will be speaking at Polkadot’s DeFi Day (More info coming soon)

Stay updated with Centrifuge on Twitter, or join the conversation with Discourse.

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