New Silver: The first revolving pool for Real Estate in DeFi

Dylan Dedi
Nov 20, 2020 · 3 min read
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New Silver’s revolving pool is going live with a first revolving pool of real estate bridge loans for fix and flips. This pool earns investors Radial rewards, learn more here.

Invest in our real estate asset pool here.

Diversify your portfolio with a trusted partner

If you have been following our work at Centrifuge for a while, New Silver will ring a bell. Kirill and his team have been one of our longest partners starting first pilots together with MakerDAO in 2018, launching a static pool a few months ago and now finally spinning up a revolving pool that is open to the wider public to invest in. New Silver is one of the companies that have been growing with us and have helped build the best product possible to bridge traditional finance to DeFi in a mutually beneficial way.

New Silver has not only proven itself as a valuable partner to us but also to its lenders providing them with a stellar origination history. To date, the company originated over $35mm loans and has had no foreclosure. All assets are backed by US real estate, which means that an investment in New Silver’s pool allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio across 39 states with one single ERC20 token.

The Assets in Detail

New Silver is heavily concentrated on shorter-term bridge products with an average term of 8 months. Bridge loans, also referred to as fix and flip loans allow real estate investors to finance both the purchase and the construction, or in some cases, refinance an existing investment property with sufficient equity.

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“Bringing real world assets to blockchain has been a long-term dream of ours. A lot of work went into making this happen, and we are excited to bring this opportunity forward. Centrifuge has built a great product and we are happy to partner with one of the best teams in the space.” — Kirill Bensonoff, Managing Director of New Silver

Radial Rewards Apply

Radial rewards also apply to this pool. Radial (RAD) is the token that powers the Centrifuge chain. When you invest in this pool, you will receive not only a 5% yield, but up to 0.25 Radial per 1 Dai invested, depending on when you invest on the curve (see more details on the Rewards Program here).

  • Sign up for the pool here

[As always, do your own research and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your investment advisers to ensure the suitability of this investment product.]

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