November DROP 💧 Launching Pools, Community Call

Dylan Dedi
Nov 11 · 2 min read
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Bling Launches Tomorrow. Register Now!

After a successful spin of Consolfreight 4, our first revolving pool, we are now opening up investment to the wider public: 1754 Factory is launching a $400k pool “Bling Series 1” with a 7.50% DROP rate.
Be among the first to invest in a Tinlake pool! Register now to save your spot:

🌀 🌀

Note: Our Radial Rewards Program is still in effect. You will receive ~7.50% DROP rate + RAD with Bling Series 1 🤑 the earlier you invest, the more RAD you get!

Have questions? Dial into our Community Call tomorrow!

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This community call will present FortunaFi and 1754 Factory, two asset originators launching pools this month. Learn about their pools, ask questions about their assets, and become one of the first to invest in them.

This Thursday, November 12: 7:30pm CET / 1:30pm ET

📅 📅

🌀 Pools Spinning this Month

This is it! November will be filled with new pools that registered investors can subscribe to. Click below to learn about each asset originator and sign up to our to ask more questions:

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👉 Get fully KYCed at

📰 In the News

A lot has happened this past month! Here’s a quick refresh:

🌀 | Revolving Pools added to Tinlake
🤝 | Featured in Coindesk
✍️ | First diversified real-world money market
🗳️ | Voted by RAD token holders
🖥️ | Watch the recording
🖥️ | Sign up now!


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