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Dylan Dedi
Nov 12 · 2 min read
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After a successful spin of CF4, our first revolving pool, we are announcing the first revolving pool open to the wider public for investment! 1754 Factory is offering a $400k pool with the potential to grow past $1 million. The APR for DROP investors will average 7.50%. Invest in “Bling Series 1” here.

1754 Factory: Bridging 80k+ borrowers to DeFi

…and that is 80k real-world borrowers. Users on bling.eu use their cash advance feature for microloans (~€80) to its borrowers. To date, Bling.eu has originated over 20,000 advances with no defaults.

How it Works

The founders of 1754 Factory (among them Mehdi Legroune, Sebastien Bassong and Fabien Dureuil for Davoa) have set up a fund that buys Bling bonds at €10,000, each bond comprising of 125+ microloans averaging around €80. 1754 Factory is originating these assets on Tinlake in their first revolving pool, “Bling Series 1.” Learn more about 1754 Factory on our Discourse.

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A Safer Investment Than Most

The senior tranche of Bling’s bonds, which are backed by its thousands of professionally rated retail cash advances, offers Tinlake users direct access to a type of asset which has been long reserved to large institutional investors. This Series 1 offers Tinlake users an extra layer of security provided by an over- collaterized bond and the seniority offered by its senior tranche.
For reference, in 2020 a portfolio of auto loans offers an average return that varied btw 4.2 and 4.5% APR with a default rate averaging 4.94%.
Bling Series 1 DROP tranche seems to offer an attractive risk/return ratio in comparision. — Fabien Dureuil, Co-founder

Of course, do your own research and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your investment advisers to ensure the suitability of this investment product.

**Head to Tinlake and click “Get Started” to save your spot in the pool.**


Decentralized Asset Financing

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