We’re hiring: Join Centrifuge’s growing Team!

Lucas Vogelsang
Jan 27 · 4 min read
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Since the inception of Centrifuge back in 2017, it was our team that propelled us to where we are today. With our launch last year, and rapid growth of Tinlake (just reached 2M DAI in TVL) Real World Assets and with that a whole new group of users are starting to get on DeFi. We’re looking for you to join our small and growing team!

Hiring on all fronts

We have a big vision and a big challenge ahead of us and are looking for exceptional talent to join us and propel Centrifuge to become the first world-class decentralized asset financing protocol.Say hi to your new family

Where We Are

For those who have no idea who we are, here’s the gist of it:

We are an early-stage project (our public launch was in 2020!) with a big mission to bridge real world finance to DeFi. We do this by tokenizing real-world assets, like invoices, so that they can be financed through our Tinlake pools at tinlake.centrifuge.io.

Since Tinlake was launched in May, we’ve seen more than $5m in assets financed to date, with over 2M DAI in TVL.

Two huge advancements have happened recently which will rapidly scale real-world assets coming to DeFi: Revolving pools in Tinlake and MakerDAO integration. Now that we have started both, there is a clear path to what needs to be done for this to drastically affect DeFi.

A decentralized team for a decentralized product

At Centrifuge, we run on what we call a “self organizing team.” Upsides to this structure include a higher sense of autonomy for everybody. We work to minimize hierarchy and decentralize power, considering our product is built the same way.

As long as we are aligned on our mission and common goals, everyone will know how to best grow and achieve what is in the greater interest for Centrifuge. If you are a creative person looking for growth in a fast-paced team, this setup is going to give you a lot of space to innovate your own ideas.

This team culture is not easy to maintain: it requires an environment of open and honest feedback. Though this can be direct for some, it encourages changes to happen quickly — allowing for a dynamic environment that can respond to the sudden shifts that are common for an early stage project.

What we look for in candidates

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About us

Our team consists of a mix of people who are crypto native and those coming from traditional finance such as Taulia and Lendit. We have a group of world class VCs backing us, among them are Mosaic, Blueyard, Robot Ventures, Semantic, Fabric and Fintech Collective.

Given our Berlin-base and minimal design, we are obviously huge fans of music. We have an active, dedicated channel just for teammates to drop their favorite mixes of the day. We also make it a point to check in with each other outside of work conversations, especially in the trying times of isolation in the pandemic.

If you don’t see your role, but believe you can add value to our team, please send us your info at jobs@centrifuge.io


Decentralized Asset Financing

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