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My journey at Centrric

My journey at Centrric started two and a half years back.I always enjoyed coding and understanding how it works has always fascinated me.After my graduation, I had so many questions in mind. What language should I learn…? Mobile..? Web..? Front-end..? Back-end..? With so many things to choose from I ended up just starting with mobile development as it is truly recommended for everyone. This led me to take a job in this field.

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Soon after my internship in Android, I got placed at Centrric.This was my first company and I joined here as an Android Trainee. The first few days were the training period. Soon after that team assigned me the first job to provide training for android internship students. As a trainer in any field, my task was also to collect the training requirement of the trainees and prepare helpful notes for them. It was a great challenge for me as I hold no experience of teaching whatsoever in my Life. But as I got a very good guide during my training section, he taught me all the technical and practical things. Of course, I was incredibly nervous on my first day of teaching. It was very difficult for me to figure out what I should do every day, but with time the process got a little bit easier and I started getting more creative with the topic. I had my team’s support always even in my adverse situations. This training section continued for months, it provides me an opportunity to better myself and help me to move on to the next level. So, I strongly felt that I have started my career in the best place. During this period I started my first project too in Android.

In each project, the team helped me to understand the perfection and standard they required . And it was helpful for me to improve my coding way too.The company has a very strong technology team.So, I got to learn new coding languages and new technologies within these 2 and a half years. That was the key point because the team provided time and encouraged us to learn all recent technologies. Centrric has always given enough opportunity for the employees putting them up against new challenges that enabled them to build their stack. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow and try out fresh and innovative ideas.

Centrric has got unique work culture, excellent management support, and people here are so enthusiastic and always there to help us. So,I am glad to be a member of this talented community of amazing professionals.



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