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My journey from passion to profession with Centrric

Everyone has something they are passionate about, for me it is programming. After graduation, I was in search of an opportunity to apply my technical knowledge and my creative problem-solving skills at an innovative software company.

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I joined Centrric Innovations Pvt. Ltd on February 2019 as a PHP developer without any prior experience in handling real-time projects. At Centrric, the very first day I was given a project to start with and they provided a trainer for around one week. Within a week, I was in a position to handle a project myself. The guidance and support that I received from colleagues were extraordinary. I was so glad that all my colleagues were so cooperative and coordinated with each other. When I had doubts they were always ready to sort it out. In my experience, the people I worked with are more than happy to explain the more complicated concepts to me or walk me through a task.

Within a few months, I was given projects in Node Js. So I started to learn Node Js and started working on my project the same week. This was all because of the strong foundation that I received during my training. That was not the end, a few months later I was transformed into a Django developer. It is vital to keep up to date with the trends in technology as a software developer because this will enable us to update our technical skills and training needs. And so, Centrric had a strong intention of strengthening its team’s skills along with delivering quality products on time.

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When working, what I felt the most was that I was able to put on my ideas into existence. That’s what always made me happy there. I could find my own space to develop my skills. There was always something new to be learned from each project that I was assigned. Each day I could improve. Sometimes I come across complex tasks, but there was nothing to worry about because when complexity rises there will be more possibilities to learn and improve. And my team always provided enough time to learn and work with. I haven’t felt much pressure working there.

I have been working at Centrric for two years and am so glad that I was able to grow with Centrric. Passion, hard work, and support were the three key points that helped me in my career growth.



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