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The Rising Leader Series: Overview

You know me as the founder and CEO of CEO Quest, and the author of five books on the applied science of company-building: Scaling the Revenue Engine, Funding & Exits, People Design, The Fit Systems Enterprise and The Four-Way Fit. In these books I have explored the topic of leadership — what it takes to mobilize teams, solve big problems and bring order out of chaos.

In two days, I will begin to publish, every week, a year-long series of letters and songs to leaders, posted here on LinkedIn and elsewhere. I call this series The Rising Leader Series. It is a call to leaders to rise to the epic challenges of our time.

Strong leaders create great businesses. And that’s a wonderful thing. But I find myself increasingly conscious of the desperate need for leaders beyond the boundaries of business. As our planet, its nation states, American democracy, communities, neighborhoods, houses of worship and families fall ever more deeply into crisis, who will step up and stand in the gap?

In these letters and songs I will seek to share my truth with humility and respect. I can’t separate my Christian faith from the truth I feel called to share. If you’re open to that vibe, great. If not, that’s cool. Goodness calls to goodness; all of good will need to unite in common cause in humanity’s hour of need. My choir contribution sings Christian; perhaps you sing a different part; let our voices join in search for harmony.

Please note that The Rising Leader Series is not intended as a profit-making venture. I share it as a challenge to leaders to open themselves to transformation into servant leaders ready to stand in the gap.




CEO Quest helps early and growth stage founders and CEOs accelerate growth and hit funding targets with evidence-based coaching in the business domains of product, revenue engine, funding, people, and systems design.

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Tom Mohr

Tom Mohr

Founder and CEO, CEO Quest

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